1.7 Semi-Automatic Mob Farms

Here is a list of my mob farms. The farms work for 1.7 (tested on single player)

Semi-Auto Dodo Farm (1.7)

This farm’s drop rates significantly vary depending on the length of the farm. A length of at least 30 is recommended.
60 Building Blocks (what I tested with, it might work with lower amounts. If the amount is too low, dodos will spawn on the walls.)
Compost (depends on length of farm)
Apples (depends on length of farm)
Water Buckets (Every 10 block lengths = 99 water buckets
Boat for collecting items (not required if you want to swim)
Building Steps

  1. First, make 30 block tall walls with your wood.
  2. Dig out the dirt inside the walls
  3. Fill the spots you made in step 2 with compost
  4. Plant apple trees in the compost
  5. Meditate until all trees are at least 4 blocks tall
  6. Start filling the farm with water buckets. Fill the farm up 1/3 of the way (10 blocks).
    (Optional) 7. Put a boat down and doors in the walls, and collect your things every once in a while.
    Finished Product:

    (If you zoom into the image, you can see 2 farms: the left one is the successful one and the one on the right does not work because the walls are short, which leads to dodos spawning on walls)
    An Important note on spawn rates
    Dodos probably won’t spawn fast, but the more farms you have (or if you have 1 farm, the longer it is) then dodos will spawn faster in my experience.
Semi-Auto Dropbear Farm (Coming Soon!)

Coming Soon

Semi-Auto Scorpion Farm (Coming Soon!)

Coming Soon!

If you figure out a farm design, put it in the comments and I will put it in! (And give credit to you)

If you have feedback or tips for building these farms, please share them below!


I am excited to see the semi-automatic scorpion farm! :scorpion:


This is very interesting! I will definitely use it to my advantage in the future :lol:


I was wondering: When are the dropbear and scorpion farms coming?


This is a pretty cool guide, it got me thinking about how to make my titanium and fuel dodo farm semi automatic. I came up with something that works. So thank you very much for posting.