1.7 was a large mistake


The 1.7 update was a big mistake. Dave focused mostly on the wrong things to add to the blockheads. While he added useless things like pets, he could have added things like new machinery or transportaion options. However most of the stuff he did add was quite good. I think the idea of more food is good (not including rainbow cake) and also the new workbenches. But I think the update could have been way better if there was the addition of points of interest. (Landmarks,special items, etc) Unfortunately I think Dave has now abandoned the blockheads to work on his other game. The player count now has dropped and the game is slowly dying. R.I.P The Blockheads.


Which happened to be the #1 searched thing about Blockheads - how to get a pet…

  • Riding trolls
  • Riding unicorns
  • Riding scorpions
  • Riding dodos
  • Eggstractor
  • Pizza Oven
  • TP Jobs

1.7 was probably one of the best updates ever made. I still haven’t unlocked everything on the single player expert world I’ve been playing on off and on for months.


Good for you to voice your opinion c:


I adore the dodo update. It is a awesome way to progress on new servers when utilised for items.

Also I am so thankful for the pirate tc update.



I have never went shark riding, but the update is quite decent for a 3 year long wait time.


I didn’t particularly like how you have to pay money for servers, but other than that, I think it was a great update!


So from what I know about the server cost, tc was being pirated and so they had to change it to money or else no cloud I think…


I’m not sure why it’s really terrible that The Blockheads is still viable after six years, and pays its costs, and continues for the foreseeable future, while the developer works on a brand new game. I’m honestly pretty happy with the current situation.


Here’s my opinions on the 1.7 update.

The 1.7 update wasn’t bad, you’re completely entitled to your own opinion, and I know how you feel. While we may have wanted certain content additions instead of pets and such, my personal thoughts on the subject is that this is some nice content, and I adore it.

When it comes to paid servers, we can all gripe about that but it was ultimately pirated TC that led to its downfall. It’s a shame that no other ad system was implemented, but it’s significantly better than pirated TC (I know you didn’t note this, nothing directed towards you here.)

I can see your point, new machinery would be nice, but new content’s almost always a lovely addition. Of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion, and if you’d like to discuss I would gladly do so, no worries.

Note: Milla’s post above this also has a statement I agree with, so use that as a reference in case.


That a lot of players seemed to like…



I feel like there are multiple of these threads that criticize 1.7. Maybe they should be consolidated into a single thread?


There is one single one I thought… maybe I was wrong since Milla hasn’t merged it




I could. Hunting down all the threads probably isn’t the best use of my time though. I will if I get a pause.


Gags in unison.