1.7 World Credit will cause many people to leave Blockheads

This is kind of a suggestion. I understand completely when (I think it was Dave) was talking about why he’s making world credits cost money instead of time crystals. As much as I respect the idea I don’t think its a good idea. I like the thought of having a smaller amounts of people owning servers and more people joining it but more people causes the server to be laggy and that’s why I prefer less people on. I do not want to leave blockheads to be honest, I’m not going to pay for my server Ruby Falls when it gets out of credit because my parents never spend money on video games but when it does run out of credit I plan to go on other servers and have fun there. However, from what I’ve heard I’m within the small majority that’s staying on Blockheads. A lot of people are leaving Blockheads because they hate this idea and to be honest I haven’t heard of anyone staying besides myself and I do think I talk to a lot of people in the blockheads community. My suggestion is maybe making the prices for credit cheaper because the majority of people who play blockheads are kids but other than that I don’t know what to do. I really do like Dave’s choice I just see some bad sides to it too. (Thank you for everyone’s comment it means a lot to me so I can understand this decision more I really appreciate it)


Yeah ik it sucks but it’ll bring a lot of good


Do you know what would be worse? Letting pirated credit go on and causing the cloud to completely shut down. That would make way more people quit, mot many are gonna quit because of this change.

The cost is low enough in my opinion, better than the 5 dollars a month charged on BlockServer.


The price for credit in 1.7 via in-app purchases is actually cheaper than buying TC right now to add credit to your world.
Right now, 2000 TC is the cost of 30 days of credit. 1200 TC costs $4.99, and 3000 TC costs $9.99.

After the update, it’ll cost $36 to fully fund a server for a year*. I’d imagine that children could ask for a $20 iTunes card for their birthday, or for Christmas. They’ll be set for half the year.

*Give or take a few days


Well, it would force all those free TC servers to go.


Just wait until you see the 1.7 update before you make any rash decisions. I think it’ll more than cover the server credit.


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I just want to put this out there:

Yes, Iknow that having to purchase server credit directly with cause many people to leave the game. But remember, if we kept this the way they currently are and let people run tons of servers off of pirated TC, then the whole cloud server system get shut down and far more people leave the game.


If they leave the game because they can’t run a server anymore, I don’t think they really enjoy playing this game in the first place. If they really like this game, they will still play it. If they like it and stop playing anyway in protest, thats their problem. The rest of us we be on the cloud having a good time while they are busy being sad they can’t make free servers instead of enjoying this game.


definitely not a rage quit


I meant they are leaving in rage that they cannot make free servers anymore.


That’s generalizing, and basically not true

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Just read on the forum how many players are staying. I don’t think I’ve seen many regular forum members who plan on entirely quitting the game over this. If it’s all the TC pirates who are quitting, well, good riddance. It’s their fault Dave had to do this because they drove up his expenses with so many servers without paying any part of the costs.

If everyone had avoided the free TC chests and actually paid for or watched videos for TC, I don’t think Dave would have had to go this route.


I agree also I’m not talking about on the forums. I mean on the Blockheads game people freak out over this.