1 week credit giveaway


I’m feeling generous, so I’ve decided to host a 1 week credit giveaway! I may do more in this thread later. I’m not sure.

To take part

You need to have the Basic trust level.
You must have joined the forums for at least 3 days.

I reserve the right to refuse anyone’s participation.

To enter:
State your IGN.
The server you want to add credit in.
The reason why I should add credit to the server. If it’s a good reason then your chance of winning will be 2 times higher.
Edit: Please also include the IGN of the owner, if you are not the owner.
IGN: JarlPenguin_
IGN of Owner: jemnidad
Server: Rabbithole
Reason: it’s the best.

Anyone is welcome to participate as long as you follow the above format and rules. Good luck :slight_smile: If you feel that I will rig this giveaway, don’t, because I will post a video of me loading up the page and doing the random spinner.
The giveaway will end on November 31st.


Ok but don’t choose rabbithole because your money would be wasted lol, it’s a cultural treasure server, so it’s paid for by Blockheads.


Could you do a giveaway to my world?

My ign for the world is Killerender120y
The world name is Griffen-Land.
The reason I would like it is because it would really help out with the world, it’s your option to do it though but it would really help me out :slight_smile:


Digital Economy? Oh…


Feel free to participate for it :slight_smile:


IGN: £shiny~crystal£
Server: Cherry Blossom
Reason: parents have refused to fund my server and I don’t want to buy credit for my server yet cause I want to buy the morphe x James Charles pallet and cause I enjoy having a server cause it’s fun cause me friends and that play just play in my server & we just have fun and build


My giveaway:
IGN: €theheroicbh£
IGN of the Owner: €theroicbh£
Server: Agedsurvival
Reason: my server was managed from November 2017 up to March 2018, and I do not need to buy credits, but it is so awesome.


IGN: Northcorn
Owner IGN: Northcorn
Server: Fluffy World
Reason: i want to go back there so that i can revisit my memories.


IGN: Polar Bearr

Server: Starlight skys 3
Owner: Starlight

Reason: it’s free credit - why not? :smile: I’m certain their credit isn’t low low, but it’s been a very neat, popular server! It’ll make a nice gift for 'em.


Yeah right-


IGN: Freeway Killer

Server: Beggar’s Tomb

Reason: Space Aliens kidnapped my family.


IGN: lava ninja 2048
Owner IGN: lava ninja 2048

the credit is low and we are just staring to make FunLand which will take awhile so we will need more credit


The winner is @Jason65109101!



woh i won
Oof tysm
(By the time youre reading dis im probably notifying my friends lel)