100 Gold Spades vs 60 Gold Pickaxes


Hello. I ran a test where I used 100 gold spades on stone, and I then put the rewards in some chests. I repeated the process with 60 gold pickaxes. Crafting a gold spade costs 3 gold ingots, and crafting a gold pickaxe costs 5 gold ingots. This is the reason why the number of gold spades differ from the gold pickaxes; 100 gold spades use the same amount of gold ingots as 60 gold pickaxes.
The world I tested this in is custom single player, and I set tool decay to normal.

Gold spade:

Gold pickaxe:
Three chests of stone, not including the one pictured.

Gold spades will yield more ore/ingots/gems than gold pickaxes. The only place that gold pickaxes do better are when your goal is to get a lot stone. However, if that’s the case, using a gold pickaxe is not a necessity.

I hope you enjoyed!

(to-do: formatting on the pc, add another 50 spades to test result because they cist 2 gold ingots now, spades vs pickaxes on gravel, expert mode vs regular with spades)

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Won’t it require more spades since it isn’t the right tool?


I did use more spades. The amount of stone each tool destroyed didn’t matter; I didn’t make that my deciding factor for how many spades/pickaxes I used. Rather, I decided to use 100 spades vs 60 pickaxes because they amount to the same number of gold ingots used to craft them: 300 gold ingots. This way, users will know which tool is better if they want to use their gold ingots most effectively.

If you wanted to know a general amount of ores/ingots/gems earned per stone from using each tool, let it be known that the gold spade still rewards far more of the three per stone over pickaxes. The spade destroyed less stone than the pickaxe, but rewarded more ores/ingots/gems. To figure out how many ores/ingots/gems you earned per stone, you would put put rewards/stone.
Spade: high rewards/low stone
Pickaxe: low rewards/high stone
The spade has a higher ratio of rewards to stone.


Thanks so much Cate!


No problem. I’m glad that this was helpful. It was pretty interesting, and it’s nice to know that gold pickaxes, though effective against stone, are still not as good as gold spades.

When I have the time, I’d like to check out if expert mode alters the yields of golden tools over a non-expert mode world. I’ll probably keep that in this thread, and rename the title to something more general for golden tools.


Nice work!


Great research and analysis @Cate. This is very informative and would be a great addition to the Tips and Guides category too.


@asyc I’ve moved it over. Thanks for reminding me. This does fit better there.


My fried does the same thing as you, but he digs the entire world.


With a golden pickaxe? That’s some dedication.


:thinking:seems like it costs 2 ingots instead of 3…

Also, would you mind testing gold pickaxes on gravel? :slight_smile:


well uhhhh
I’ll figure something out over the weekend. Probably just add another 50 spades to the test to balance it out. Thanks for letting me know. Good thing is that this doesn’t change the conclusion; in fact, it skews favor towards gold spades even more.

I’ll also test out gravel too.


Already did hehe


I thought there was already a thread for this. Maybe I’m wrong.


@WumboJumbo I made a thread asking for answers but none were completely definite. This was a test which gave definite answers. Correct me if I’m wrong! :wink:


Hmm, how about an equal amount of tools next time?