10th anniversary update suggestions!

You guys can suggest some things here!
Hope @majicDave can add this!

I would like:
10th anniversary things:
-birthday hats!
-birthday cake!
-A block that lights up when touched for a dance floor!
Christmas things:
-a normal Santa hat!
-normal oven!
-placeable snow and snowballs!
-tv that you can put images and it will repeat them!
-hot chocolate!

Random things:
-water cups

What is a normal oven?

Like an oven that can bake cakes,cookies,pies, and pizza in the same thing!

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Basically, an oven that is not specifically meant for pizza like the current oven in the game.

Isn’t there already an electric bench that is an oven / stove?

Well I want a oven that can make every single bakeable item

I just wish there were more deserts.


Please don’t @ Dave.

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Oh sorry