13+ Mode


So, this a Multiplayer suggestion. I know you want to keep your rating, but a 13+ mode that you can set in your server would be amazing. There could be age restrictions set by parents whether to join 13+ via random or search or not. But 13+ servers should be allowed to curse as well.


There is a problem, kids fake their age.


Well, yeah :neutral_face:


Very good point.

This exists



Hmm? What do you mean?


give them the IQ test in under one minute


Lol, that wouldn’t make sense.


Yeah, many children would fake their age for the privilege of more servers.


Just whitelist servers and add people 13 years of age and up.


but people would still fake their age also…


Not if you vet it with a whitelist as I said


i meant that people would fake their age to make the owners think that they are 13+ anyways.


Whitelist based off maturity and not just what age they claim to be


oh okay, i didn’t know what you meant.


Maybe there could be just a filter and nonfilter. You can be banned for bypassing the filter. But if you say you are 13+, there is no filter?


I think it’s good how it is, as an owner I’d like a filter even if people are 13+, and not have it togglable depending on your age.


Yeah, but like 80% of the community bypasses.


I don’t think it would change that.


It would. People would stop caring about filtering it if they know the people who actually want to see it can see it.