13+ Mode


Even if we could guarantee that every player was over 13 we’d have standards of conduct. There is no way to ensure this, however.

I’ve had parents of children as young as kindergarten age email to complain about multiplayer conduct. It’s hard to say, diplomatically, that their child is too young to play online. I tend to recommend steps they can take to protect their child, i.e. put the device in airplane mode, and carefully check age ratings against the games they allow them to play, but even then I have many insist that it’s up to us to make online play with chat safe for their four year old. The world is a crazy place!


Those just sound like those helicopter parents. They can’t change the internet for their kid, but they can change what games they play and their internet connection. What four year old has a phone or device to play anyway? If your four year old kid has a phone you need to seriously rethink your values in life


Their parents could also use the new child restrictions that came with iOS 12.


In this day in age it’s not uncommon for a little kids (as young as 2, which is the minimum age they should be) to have phones.


Parents often use “iBabysitter” too, i.e. hand their toddler a tablet or phone to keep them quiet. I wish I could educate them about the dangers of online play for such young people.


When I was a kid I play with board games with my family,it’s great without a tablet or phone!