(2.0) Basileus: The rise of an Empire (See new thread)

I have started a new knights group of ferrum.


If you can find the meaning in these words then DM me on discord the password:
If you wish to find the word of passing, then you must go fishing with rods for bassing, and wormsies of lasering cassing, the saintly days of yore, only this and nothing more, the knights of low yo, if you find a toe toe, to be or not to be, markey monkey, XVI, the number of eggs in a dozen plus the number of feet on an Anas Platyrhynchos, you must be well versed, find the hidden meaning in these words, if though shall solve the riddle, then though shall become my squire

If any of you want to become my squire but are already in a clan and do not want to leave then do not fear, these knights do not mainly operate in basileus

Why’d you get all Shakespeare there

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My IGN is Amber Katt

Ok you are set!

Basileus News!

We have been having a great exciting time on Basileus, although I try to find as much time possible to get on with you all! :wink:

Arena Battles!

We had a blast the other day, doing some Arena Battles!
Fishing rods only!
Sadly I lost every battle I did!
(I must not be a very good leader) :sweat_smile:

I will post the video of the battles in the Basileus News below! :wink:

Our Base was penetrated!

Coming onto Basileus, I was devastated to find our base destroyed!
I soon rallied my clan members and searched for clues!

While finding our bearings, suddenly the culprit came on—still in our base!
We then waited for his return…and retrieved our prize possessions! :sweat_smile:

I will be accepting some more arena battles—on the house!

Hurry come today!

Baliandrew Treaure Hunts!

Ok so we all know that the treasure hunts have been slow!

Also, the some of the treasure was raided by an ex-player—that treasure will be restocked!

And I will release a little goodie for you all—I figured you may uncover stuff before the release…but here it is!

And here is the New Basileus News:

Hope you all enjoy it!

Come join us today!


finally. my favorate server :slight_smile:

can I record the end of blockheads there?

Go for it! :smiley:

What is your in game name?


Got it ilj :slight_smile:

Ok adding you now @TheFoil

And got what?

The news lol :wink:

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Woah I just found this!

Its amazing!

Great job @Jiayizhu

Love the farm!


Great to see u back ILC :smiley: and what a lovely base @Jiayizhu :+1: hopefully the screenshot didn’t reveal too much where it is :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:

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Hehe don’t worry, I believe its another one of those Kaypoppy traps :smirk:

poptart shhhh :sushing_face:


@I-Love-Creation I cannot play here with a clan trying to get me banned out of revenge, I sent you screenshots a while back and the newest screenshot has a comment that confirms everything.

Currently the Bluehats are banned again!

@Diamond_knight if you were to completely ignore there dm’s or whatever, you cant really get effected by it…I for one know :wink:

We “Basilians” have a pleasant time on Basileus; untouchable by players who wish harm!

So please come join us again!
We would gladly accept you again! :blush:


Tell that to little horse’s swords :flushed:


@Brer-Rabbit is looking for a clan to join!

Don’t be bashful, I know some of you need the help :wink:

If so you can contact Rabbit directly…or respond here!

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Probably would recruit him but somebody turned him off by trolling him stares at zeekiel