2 new types of elevator motor and electricity passing through shafts


I think I may be fed up with how the elevator motors need to be powered so I am going to suggest 2 new types.

The solar powered shaft and the flywheel powered shaft.

Crafting the solar powered shaft will require 1 solar panel, 1 elevator motor.

Same goes for the Flywheel powered shaft, 1 flywheel, 1 elevator motor.

Second thing I want is for elevator shafts to have electricity pass through them so you can throw wires through them and different places.

And a Slight 40% of electrocution but it will only hurt your blockhead by a 0.1th of a Hit Point.


It is a bummer to have that thing being in need of power so you can’t have a flat roof or something
But you can always use one more shaft and have the motor stick out of your roof to make the interior look nice

alternarively, if you don’t care about rain falling on your blockhead’s head, you can just attach flywheels (and solar panels) to them directly.

Shaft conducting electricity? fair point.


Good idea. Except the electrocute part that would get annoying your blockhead gets harmed every time you go on the elevator


Tbh I think this will be kinda useless, since well, there’s ways to make elevators work with a couple of solar panes and flywheels.


But why?