2 person rail handcars

Hi. the reason I’m making this suggestion is because I think it would be cool if there were 2 person rail handcars like in real life, except they could go faster and go higher, not replacing just adding and I haven’t thought of a crafting recipe yet.


How would you be able to steer if the other person were to also be steering?

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the first person that gets on would be controlling it and the second person would automatically be copying the driver making it faster.


I’m honestly surprised this isn’t already a feature.


Would this work with 2 different blockheads, or would it have to be 2 different people?

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Probably both.


If this we’re the case, that would be great. though if another person is on and makes it faster. it should really only be 1.25x faster than normal.

I think it really should just use the handcar we have, but allow those to get on it if they so choose.

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I’ve always wanted this feature–my BH gets lonely and tired making the journey from one end of the world to the other sometimes.

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