2020 Blockheads Community

New years is close, a new decade is about to begin, do you think the blockheads community will continue to be “active” next year?

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Well, it really depends…

It won’t, as less and less people are playing The Blockheads and moving onto decent games that I hate (Fortnite).

Yeah, as the game is winding down I don’t think we’ll have any new members but I’ll let you know I’m not going anywhere any time soon.

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New players are few and far between, but they occasionally join. The game won’t just be pulled on the 1st, and the cloud will probably last until after 2020.

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All I know is, I’ll still be here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grin:
And I’ll be hoping for a resurgence - even if everyone else thinks it’s impossible. :crossed_fingers::sweat_smile:


I’m extremely doubtful that it’s possible. The statistics and numbers say it all.

Still we can only hope

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I’ll be here too.


I will be here through it i will probably be a bit inactive most of the time

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[quote=“asrielthesecond, post:1, topic:79080, full:true”] do you think the blockheads community will continue to be “active” next year?

I think the Blockheads community will be whatever we, the players and end users decide to make it. It wasn’t Dave, Blockhead Bean, or Milla that made the game popular (though not diminishing their contributions! ). It was us, the people who loved the game, getting the word out by word of mouth and getting friends and new players to join us.

Not to say it will be easy. But neither is it impossible. Whatever it is, it is up to us. Just sayin.


Probably won’t be seeing me a lot on the community, but at least you will see me on roblox as RealLegoboy70. :slight_smile:


I don’t think the game is strong enough to make a magical recovery like Minecraft did.

since when was fortnite decent
ill be here right till 2099

Actually the Fortnite game I “hate” is the Battle Royale one. Save the World is more decent in my opinion.

Yes it will. But, it’ll be way less active than it already is. :frowning:

I mean I’ll be returning so you’re getting a semi-new player? In all seriousness, a boom/increase in popularity would probably be drawn from a new server/project to spice up he landscape. We haven’t gotten any updates in quite a while, so it’s likely a good idea to have player-made mechanics and creations if we want more people.

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Not sure, The Blockheads is way past it’s great days and golden age, it’s on a steady trend falling downwards ever so slightly, as servers old and new wither away

Blockheads is slowly dying, but I will be active in 2020 as much others will. The game won’t be totally dead for a few more years. (In my opinion)

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I’ll be here for as long as it’s around.