25 challenges you can do on blockheads

1- Caveman challenge

Difficulty: :confused:
Custom requirements: More caves more treasure

  • You start in the spawn portal and get level 1 trade portal. Once you have a level 1 trade portal and a workbench go dig down and start a life in a cave and never go to the surface. You depend on treasure.

2- No baskets challenge

Difficulty: :sleeping:

Just don’t even think about having baskets

3- House challenge

Difficulty: :sweat_smile:

Build a 50x50 House and never leave it. The only way you can survive is by meditation and trade portals.

4- Living nightmare challenge

Difficulty: :crazy_face: :frowning:
Custom requirements: No oceans, Very hot temperature, Very dry rainfall, no plants, no trees, mountainous, no caves, no lakes, no sky islands, no ore, no gems, no treasure, one hit kill, hungrier, sadder, faster clothing decay, faster tool decay, die on exit, 1 blockhead, all empty slots, hard NPC/MOB difficulty, disabled trade portals, slower DAY/NIGHT cycle, Sun colour: 2,0,0

You get the idea.

5- No TC challenge

Difficulty: :confused:
Custom requirements: 1 blockhead, Disabled trade portals, Teleporting disabled.

No portals, No trade portals, No skipping time, No collecting tc blocks, No gem tools, No blockheads, No teleporting

Tc is illegal

6- Only TC challenge

Difficulty: Magic Dave will love you

Get 5 blockheads, Upgrade all portals, Get all gem tools, Skip every action, Watch ads every time you have the chance, make it rain

7- Donald Trump challenge

Difficulty: :exploding_head:
Custom requirements: 16x world size

Collect all the clay and build bricks. Get all the bricks and build a wall covering the entire world.

8- Amish challenge

Difficulty: :tired_face:

No electricity, no elevators, no golden beds, No coffee, No trade portals, No teleporting, kill all cave trolls to win

9- Stone age challenge

Difficulty: :gorilla:

Never upgrade tables or portals

10- Mars challenge

Difficulty: :skull:
Custom requirements: no oceans, cold temperature, dry rainfall, no plants, no trees, more caves, no lakes, no sky islands, more ore, large veins, no treasure, hard health, fuller, sadder, no regeneration, 1 maximum blockhead, spawn all iron/steel tools, sun color: 1.3,1,0

Isolation from everyone else. Playing this challenge will make you feel lonely.

11- Ice age challenge

Difficulty: :wolf:
Custom requirements: Large oceans, very cold, very wet, few plants, few trees, quite flat, no lakes, no sky islands, no treasure, easy health, hungrier, no clothing decay, no regeneration, spawn items: fur coat, leather pants, fun boots, no trade portals, sun colour: 0.8,0.8,2, get 5 blockheads.

You live as a wolf family and you must always hunt for food. And also you’re not allowed to use chests, cabinets, safes, shops

12- Vegan challenge

Difficulty: :carrot:

No killing animals and do not eat meat, fish, eggs, and do not collect feathers, leather, fur.

13- Blind challenge

Difficulty: :cool:

Custom requirements: Sun colour 0,0,0


14- Artist Challenge

Difficulty: :art:

craft every single possible paint and clothing

15- Flat earth challenge

Difficulty: :mad:
Custom requirements: Mountanious.

You are a frustreated member of the flat earth society and you want to tell everyone the earth is flat. Go to the lowest point on earth and dig everything avove amnd make the entire world flat. And remove all the stone backwalls

16- Mount Everest challenge

Difficulty: :mount_fuji:

Custom requirements: Flat terrain

Buy as much stone as possible and build a giant staircase pyramid all the way to space and not hollow

17- All seeing-eye (illuminati) challenge

Difficulty: :triangular_ruler:

Remove all the black fog from the entire world including underground

18- Vampire challenge

Difficulty: :vampire:

Never go outside in the day time sleep during day time.

19- Eagle challenge

Difficulty: :eagle:
custom requirements: More trees, spawn with 99 jetpacks

Never craft fuel. Never remove your jetpack. Only wear another jetpack if the previous one is dead. Only eat dodo and feed your children worms. If you run out of jetpack kill yourself and spawn a new blockhead to start over. No meditating. Only sleep on the floor.

20- Shrek challenge

Difficulty: :confused:

Always ride DONKEY only eat worms, live in a house made entirely of wood, live next to water (your swamp) wear brown leather jacket white linen pants and brown leather bots, green cowboy hat.

21- Teamwork challenge

have 3 blockheads. One can mine, the other can craft, and the other one can place. they can’t do each other’s work.

22- Rick and Morty challenge

Difficulty: :expressionless:

Build a storage room, farm, mine, crafting room, bedroom. No doors or trap doors or spots to crawl out of only a portal to teleport to the other room. You need a portal gun (bow and arrow) at all times, and you must have only 2 blockheads. And a portal chest is the only storage. You can go to anther world (another universe) do whatever you want there and bring the items you gather back into portal chest.

23- Hell challenge

Difficulty: :exploding_head:

place campfires wherever you go you are not allowed to walk anywhere that doesn’t have campfires.

24- Slenderman challenge

Difficulty: :scream:

You need 2 lights (flashlight) pet blockhead. never place the lantern. Only place it on the floor go 10 blocks later place another one and grab the previous lantern the only way you are allowed to make light. No portals or workbenches that emit light. Only 1 trade portal in spawn. Gems are also not allowed to use. the only way of crafting important things is by buying them. More treasure No oceans or lakes. And the world must be dark.

25- Tribe challenge

Difficulty: :confused:

Get 5 blockheads and they must always follow each other wherever they go


Lol. These are all good.

Blind challenge looks the hardest.

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Skeeve is probably taken notes


I never realized I was a Slenderman before…


#7 is the best

Lol that’d be a doozy to do


Their all cool to do. Seeing a server revolving around one of those challenges would be nice.

These all seem like fun ideas! Especially for people like me who frequently run out of ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to try out the teamwork challenge, as it reminds me of something I’ve seen before. And also the blind challenge if I’d be up to it one day.

We did something like the Blind Challenge before, setting the sun color to 0.0.0.
It wasn’t one of my servers, but I helped set it up.

We planted nothing but pine trees for 50 blocks either side of Spawn and made it one-hit-kill.
It was a drop-bear horror story.

But remarkably, it was still possible to survive. Just having one torch was a huge deal.


Illuminati challenge… oh lord! :grimacing:
Sorry for the bump

I’ts alright. Forgiven :slight_smile:

Awesome ideas!