3 years and 3 months on the forums


It’s been 3 years and 3 months since I first joined these forums, but one year on this account. I’d like to thank some people, and present a piece of pixel art I created for this special occasion.

(It’s me, the wabbit, not my hardest work but I made it for fun)

@DGPG Thanks for being a great friend, co owner, builder, noob, adom, and handcar racer.

@jemnidad You’ve created some of the greatest servers on the game, and you’re awesome to play with on the game.

@Dylanjdj You’re just epic. :sunglasses:

@bilingual You’re a creative dude, and brought a lot of people together on your worlds, whether it be intense pod survival, or pixel art contests. You’re also a great YouTuber. (you too, @GoodGradesBoy)

Although not on the forum, Goodrain/Gren. If you’re reading. You made great servers and they were fun to build Kmarts on.

Rosie, @agentpinkdog @Legoboy70 and Bekah. You’ve always been great friends, and admins/players on most of my servers over the years.

@Ray You’ve been awesome on rabbithole and Giants this past year. You were one of my first players when I reopened the server DGPG originally made under the new name of Giants, and you proceeded to find tons of trolls, which made it into a weird magma circle, which you discovered, lol. I remember pretending to be Sneezy when we thought he died, before we discovered the magma circle.

@AgentCash You’ve also been a fantastic mod on Giants.

And everyone else, it’s been a pleasure to play Blockheads with you all and be on the forum for almost 4 years, and 3 years on this forum, although most of it was on this account for the past 365 days. Thanks for making this game great, guys. There’s a bunch of other people I’d also like to thank for smaller things but I don’t wanna tag too many, but I could go on until I’ve taghed everyone, lol. (Also special shout-out to Milla, and Dave for running this community for nearly 6 years now)


It’s been good playing blockheads with you too.


You are one of the best people I’ve ever met in Blockheads. Always patient and caring. Apology for my recent inactivity, I really hope to see you around sometime :slight_smile:


Hope you have a good rest of the year and onwards.


:smiley: its been 3 years and 3 months on the forums for me too !


Wow, congratulations!


I have been there for almost a year, 15 days later, I obtain an Anniversary badge.