3D creative mode


I think that the blockheads should have a creative mode but in 3D but you have to pay crystals and credit for 3D since 3D is hard to make but if he does make 3D duh you have to have to pay but 2D is free but some special blocks you have to tap and fined it and tap it but that was my suggestion :grinning:


If it was 3D wouldn’t it just be bootleg minecraft? :thinking:


You should still have to pay for credit because Dave pays for having servers


If y’all going to post a review that’s bad then don’t post it cus I’m tired of getting bad reviews


Is any 3D sandbox game a bootleg version of Minecraft?

That’s called constructive criticism. Let the people voice their opinions.


That’s not how this works :slight_smile:

Unless you want a suggestion discussed it’s best not to post it. Discussion is how suggestions have the problems ironed out of them.

What you are asking for, is an entirely separate game, or at the very least a huge project. 3D isn’t something you tack onto a proprietary engine easily. It would entirely alter the core mechanics of the game.