4 Dropbears in 1 Tree


After 1.7 blockhead version update…
Is this normal?
It makes me bugging


What do you mean it makes you bugging? It bugs you? It lags you? Confused on that.

However, this does sem pretty rare, maybe the four dropbears should start a band called the Dropbeatles.


You know if i walk at night these 4 dropbears will insta kill meh

Nice drop bear band by the way…


Good one. :smile:


Slightly off topic but-


I have had 10 dropbears in a tree once boi


That’s perfectly normal. It often happens when trees die, and the drop bears in them move to another tree.


oh no


Is it me, or is this picture disturbing for some reason lol


Time for a new challenge: getting as many dropbears on a tree as possible!