4 Sky islands next to each other (Server is gone now)

I was once exploring in a muiltplayer server and I was going to find some sky islands that looks cute or nice and I discovered that there is 4 sky islands next to each other. Not sure if it’s custom world or not.

(Update: I tried to find the server where I found it but the owner of it probs deleted it for some reason and I missed that server so much :frowning: and I will miss my 4 sky islands)


Wow, that looks cool!

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This is pure insanity. Plus the Amethyst Tree in the top right island.

So I tried to find the server where I found it, but unfortunately I know the owners name who made it but I don’t see her/his name on any of the servers I found. Sadly I think the owner has deleted it because of lack of credits. I will miss my 4 sky islands forever.

Nobody can delete cloud worlds. Not even me. If it’s out of credit it’s gone into archive storage.