I found twins and near them were 2 cave trolls!I got 3 Trade Portals!I was thinking while looking for them about twin trolls and I thought there’d be a low chance of me finding 2 so close to each other!Pfffft I was wrong.In a good way!:smiley:


Wow!! could i have the seed?


Sure!Gimme a sec.


1548077696 :slightly_smiling_face:


Seeds denote the more general structure, rather than specific item locations. I don’t think the critters are part of that :slight_smile:


But hey, always worth a shot for 4 cave trolls. What a find!


Cool, I only ever found one then someone put it in lava.


What a jerk!


Kill them


I did…


Once I found one standing on a tc block


You should see my find!


Good find! Especially the cave troll on the tc block.:grin: