45k (Whitelisted Mac Server World) NOW OPEN!





This takes place in a planet called C-2BT, A cold, barren wasteland (Formally known as Earth) in the year 45,000. You are 1 of the last 30 people left on this planet. The government (The Robot army known as Watchers) Have brought you to the Facility of hope to keep the Human race going after a slew of attacks by an unknown force trying to wipe out the planet.

After a while you find out the robot army trying to restore humanity is actually the enemy, so you make your escape out of the facility of hope.

After you make your escape you find that there is no life, after they had wiped out the sun and killed all life. It is your job to go underground and attempt to reclaim what is left with only 2 blockheads.

Server Owner:


Server Watchers:

Watchers are what I would like to call admins and mods.


Maximum Admin Capacity: 10
Maximum Mod Capacity: 10

Server Rules:

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the following:
Warning, Ban, Instant-ban, IP-ban, Or jail. Depending on the severity of the case.

  1. Please be kind to one another. disrespect, bullying, or anything in the above will not be tolerated.
    (Punishment: Warning, Ban)

  2. Do not teleport to the 45k facility after you complete the trials (if there is a diamond portal nearby)
    (Punishment: Clearing out of other players inventory, Warning, Ban.)

  3. Do not dupe, cheat, or exploit in any way as this will not be tolerated.
    (Punishment: Ban)

  4. Do not ask for the things listed: (Promotions, Items, Being unbanned and/or asking for a friend to be unbanned, etc)
    (Punishment: Warning, Ban.)

  5. Do not advertise other servers on this server.
    (Punishment: Warning, Ban.)

  6. Do not play with ALT-ACCOUNTS, As this is discouraged.
    (Punishment: IP-Ban)

  7. Do not date, roleplay, or do things many would consider NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).
    (Punishment: Asked to stop, Ban.)

  8. No random usernames, names that have emails attached, empty names, etc are allowed on this server.
    (Punishment: Asked to change name, Ban)

  9. When you are in the trials, do not talk about anything inside them at ALL! This will be counted as spoiling. And do not publish screenshots or videos of it either. If caught will result in some nasty punishments
    (Punishment: Ban)

  10. No Teaming, or Following players during the trials, or anything like that.
    (Punishment: Warning, Ban.)

  11. Everyone is allowed to ask to sleep or meditate if an admin isn’t on. But if any watchers are on they must agree to it. And do not force people to sleep or meditate either.
    (Punishment: Ban.)

  12. When leaving to begin the trials it is required that you leave everything in your pod. you are not allowed to bring any thing you have worked on in your pod except for the contents of your inventory only.
    (Punishment: Ban)

  13. PVP is allowed in spawn, and in the world. But do not kill the Watchers.
    (Punishment: Ban)

  14. Begging to be banned, kicked, or unwhitelisted will not result in such thing happening. Rather we will just ignore you and let you get annoyed. :wink:

  15. Obey the Watchers of the facility who are maintaining it for you, otherwise punishment will occur.
    (Punishment: Ban)

  16. Everyone is welcome on this server from any race, religion, etc. Do not make a scene if you do not like this. This goes in with rule 1.
    (Punishment: Ban)

  17. Do not pause if a watcher is killing you.
    (Punishment: Ban) (Do not make me change this to instant please)

Watcher Rules:

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the loss of your status as watcher.
  1. Do not make anyone an Admin or mod. In this case watcher as I am calling it.
    (Punishment: Demotion of players who we’re promoted and Demotion of the one responsible!)

  2. Do not mess with any of the custom settings whatsoever, they are set that way for a reason!
    (Punishment: Demotion)

  3. Do not abuse your powers (Ex: Any of the above rules, Etc.)
    (Punishment: Demotion and Ban.)

  4. Do not use the /Reset-owner CMD at ALL!
    (Punishment: Ban)

  5. Do not Grief any property of this server at all if you are Admin!
    (Punishment: Instant-ban!)

  6. Please have an extra blockhead at spawn for assisting people with pods.
    (Punishment: Warning)

  7. Do not ban, kick or unwhitelist anyone begging to be kicked, banned or unwhitelisted.
    (Punishment: Ban)

World Settings:

Section 1: Generation/Normal Settings:

RULES: Custom (Survival)
PVP: Enabled
OCEANS: Large Oceans
PLANTS: No Plants
TREES: Gem Trees Only
TERRAIN: Mountainous
LAKES: No Lakes
SKY ISLANDS: Less Sky Islands
TREASURE: Less Treasure

Section 2: Custom Rules

Health: Normal
Hunger: Hungrier
Happiness: Sad
Clothing/Tool Decay: Faster
Death: No R.I.P
Death Drops: All items
Max Blockheads: 2 Blockheads
NPC/Mob Difficulty: Hard
Trade Portals: Buy only
Trade Prices: 10% Higher when buying
Day/Night cycle: Slower
Pole items: One Only, Lasts Forever.
Meditation: Enabled
Teleportation: Requires Diamond Portal

When Owning a Pod at Spawn:

If you want to get a pod at spawn. you will either have to ask the owner, or a watcher. And if they aren’t busy they will assign you a pod in spawn.

The maximum time you can own a pod is a month, but if you end up exceeding that a charge of 50 platinum coins will be placed on you every day for when you own that pod and until you get out.

If you have been inactive for a lot of time, your pod will be confiscated and another person will be put in the place of your pod.

(New) Your pods are not going to have iron trapdoors at the start. As I want you to craft them. So until you get them you will need to put a block over your entrance to prevent people from stealing your things. But be careful as Watchers may remove those blocks if they see them to allow everyone in because they see those blocks as a danger to the bunker.

Nomad Treatment:

Due to how the facility was built, only 29 such pods exist ever. So if you happen to be the 30th person in the facility you may be classified as a nomad and will have to wait until a pod is available.

Alternatively you can also steal players items for food and equipment to escape the facility if you want too.

How to get on this Server:

This server has been made, but will not be finished for a while. This Server will open August 21st, if the robot overlords decide they want to and if they won’t delay. :wink:

A maximum of 30 people are allowed to be whitelisted at once, so if the list is full you may have to wait until someone gets banned from the server. Or someone gets removed from the whitelist due to an extended period of inactivity. (Watchers/Step-watchers / Admins/Mods are an exception to this)

Join Credentials:

(For early access if whitelisted) (early access will be limited to just spawn, you will not be able to go out and explore, but rather be able to chat while I am building. :slight_smile: )

IP/URL: Block.wingysam.xyz
Port: 15251

Current Online Players:

Number of online players

List of Whitelisted People, or Awaiting to be whitelisted:

Click/Tap Here
  1. -=Kingpotato=-
  2. Lava Ninja 2048
  4. Kitkatpatywhack (Awaiting Whitelist) (To be whitelisted August 21)
  5. Ashley.xoxo (Awaiting Whitelist) (To be whitelisted August 21)
  6. Jed666 (Awaiting Whitelist) (To be whitelisted August 21)
  7. …4geredoodle (Awaiting Whitelist)
  8. Shammm (awaiting Whitelist)

Whitelist Application Form:


If you wish to be promoted PM me of why you want to be promoted, provide a link to your forums account, and please provide your username, and the position you want.

If you are Banned from This Server

In this server, if you are banned, I will allow just one second chance to be allowed so you can redeem yourself. But you MUST! Start a new account, no using your old account at all please.

If you break your second/last chance you will be banned permanently and you will not be able to appeal your ban, so you will not be welcome on this server any longer if that happens.

If you believe you’re ban was unjustified or you want to appeal your ban, please PM an admin/mod (watcher/step-watcher) and provide the name that was banned, the reason of your banning, and why you want to be unbanned.

If you have any past history of bad things you will be banned from this server with no second chances at all.

Though I may not be the best at enforcing things, I am going to try my best. :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: If this sounds all too familiar it may be because this is going off an old world I cancelled long ago called Year 45k. It is just at this time I am reviving the idea and giving new light because I want to see it come to life. Anyway that is all I have to say.)


So they are allowed?


No they are not.


Could you clarify?


No random usernames, names with emails, empty names, etc are allowed on this server


What will be inside the jail cells? They should at least have a bed (maybe a soft bed) and a chest.


I will be nice enough to give a bed, and that’s it.


A wooden bed or a soft bed?


a soft bed.

No chest.


Why are we not allowed names with emails?


Sorry, I can’t play on your server


That’s fine if you don’t want too.

Anyway, I updated the OP to address a rule tweak.


How big is the server?


It is going to be 4x, I have yet to put the info in because the server hasn’t been made yet.


General Updates:

I have decided that I am going to lift up the amount of blockheads you can own by 1, so you will be able to have a maximum of 2 blockheads in this server.

And I am going to be adding the world settings I have chosen for this world to the OP.

And I may allow people to join earlier, but at the cost that you will not be able to go outside of spawn. For the things will be a WIP. It is unknown when I will allow this but I am hoping probably by tomorrow or Wednesday. (Please remember to apply to be whitelisted before you join, otherwise you will not be able to join.)

You will receive 1 golden coin for when you spawn in. These can be used for buying what you need in the beginning. an apple and a dirt block. The apple will be priced around 50 copper coins, while the dirt block will be priced the same.

Anyway that is all I have to say for now. :slight_smile:

Edit: I have changed the teleportation rule to be that a diamond portal is required to teleport.


General Updates #2:

I am going to add in a system where you will only have a month to prepare and get out of the spawn, If you wish that you want to stay longer then a month. Then I am going to inflict a 50 platinum coin charge for every day you are in the pods.

Also, to get things done faster. Everyone will be allowed to ask to sleep or meditate when an admin or mod (aka watcher or step-watcher) is not online. If they are online they must agree to do it.

Do not force people to sleep or meditate, otherwise I will inflict a ban.


I based it off of what I thought is necessary. I have no intentions on copying other worlds. :slight_smile:


I think I may bump health to normal, because if its going to be hard. it may make the trials seem almost impossible to me


Interesting concept Lord Hyness.
Will have to check it out when it opens :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: