45k (Whitelisted Mac Server World) NOW OPEN!

General Updates #3

I am going to be changing a few custom rules. so death you will have no R.I.P and you will lose all items upon death.

And I will be enabling PVP.

Remember these are not the final settings for when the server opens, they may be changed at any time.

First Peek at the Bunkers of 45k, AKA The 45k Facility.

Aye m8 can I be trial boi or blueprint guy, I think I have a few ideas

@Kitkatpattywhack, i only accept PM’s

Updated the Summary/Plot-line of this server.

Question: Are we allowed to help there or just stay there and chat?

You can help, but you need to PM me.

Added a few more ridiculous rules. :wink:

And just because I wanted a lot of rules so it is hard to keep your head around.

Looking for Staff:

I am looking for staff for this server so they can maintain and take care of the server while I am not online.

If you are interested PM me (ONLY!) and tell me some basic things.

-Your Forums Account (Link to Forums Account only!)
-Your In-Game Username (Required)
-The Position you wish to be (Ex: Admin, Mod)
-Will you contribute in this server? (Ex: Help out with needs, etc)
-Any building roles you want to be placed in.
-How much you will be active on the server.
-Why you want to become a staff (Do not just state that because why not, it must be a valid reason! Otherwise your application will be declined)

Current Roles:

-Builder (Helps build things)
-Circumnavigator (Circumnavigates the world for the pole items so we can lock them up)
-Trials Tester (Tests the trials to make sure they are possible) (Open until the server opens)

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Server News:

I had decided to remove any mention of a jail system, as it may not be required for the server to function. any setting that was supposed to help the jail survive will be changed.

Edit: I may also limit the amount of players that can join from 50 to 30, to make things easier on me so I do not have to add 20 more pods. (Staff are an exception from this, as they will not be whitelisted as staff can bypass a whitelist.)

This is going to be the last of server news until the server is finished, and about to open.

Just a little news:

I hooked 45,000 up to blockheadsfans, so when the server is open. People can vote for it.

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Nomad Treatment:

Due to how the facility was built, only 29 such pods exist ever. So if you happen to be the 30th person in the facility you may be classified as a nomad and will have to wait until a pod is available.

I wish this server could be cloud

Unfortunately I am going to have to hold 45k up because I do not like deadlines.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If anyone would like to be the new owner of this world please reply in the thread as I do not want to be the owner of this world.

I might be able to it sounds like a fun concept I just don’t know how often I can get on.

Alright, but you will be the one in charge of building the server. Are you up to that?

Should we do this in a pm? I have lots of questions

up to you

Ok I have some announcements. ( all of these are subject to change.)

  1. I think I can make a release date of July 17, 2019. (Subject to change) because I am also trying to build my own server STARLIGHT LANDS 2.

  2. If you get whitelisted you get wl for 1 year (real life) unless you are a nomad in which case you will get a pod if you want to ( on year 2) and you get a year 2.

  3. If the whitelist waiting list gets too long one random person will be unwhitelisted if they are close to the end of they’re year (nomads won’t get unwhitelisted till the end of they’re year.

  4. I am working on another logo based more on spaceships and pixels.

@milla is it possible I could get access to the op since I am the new head admin.