5:31am dreams

So I was up until about 5:30am last night, unicorn breeding and having to concentrate so much on taming before they died. It shouldn’t come as such a surprise what happened next…
…the first thing to appear was a strange blue portal…glowing a mesmerising light…drawing me in-capitvating. As I appeared in this new world I saw sad looking broken skeletons of past adventures. Once proud and noble buildings now forgotten like Blockheads V1.4. Irrelevant outdated and unusable. As I started to slowly trudge my way to the right a instinct took hold of me! A sudden knowledge passed down from the unicorn gods of (not so) Old. I MUST DIG!

As the dull jarring sound of flint spade struck cold unmined marble I wondered if I was the first intruder since the update…

As the first slivers of light pierce the underground cave a strange blue glow started to emit itself just as the drums of war and pounding panic rose…they appeared. All 25 of them scattered in a stone pit one on top of another.

The great troll chamber finally saw the light of day again. And never have I felt such joy!

(i take full credit and responsibility for my dream and also any artist embellishment so clearly included )


That’s a really cool dream!

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I agree!

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thanks @WumboJumbo and @bloky2018 x x x

A thread already exists for sharing blockhead dreams: Share your blockhead dreams!

But…this is a special dream that started at 5:30 AM and ended a minute later.