99 blockheads facts


Unless something changed very recently, I don’t think so. In an earlier update (one of the 1.5s), one could use golden tools on steel to earn time crystals. Now, it doesn’t work. I have also tested golden spades on stone multiple times— I didn’t earn any time crystals.


Steel is harder than iron
It’s the best I could think for…


Sluicing stone that have been electric ‘Pressed’ into gravel can give you coal and one of six ores:

Iron, copper, tin, gold, titanium and platinum.


Blockheads is actually a game


Dave’s real name is David. Frampton David.


On platinum blocks?


You can buy and sell items in Trade portals but we don’t know if trade portal how rich now.


You can hold 1000 blocke of gold without sinking into the ground


You can use OVER 99 titanium swords without being slow.


Blockheads have more lag as we thought.


Did you even read it?


actually no you cant




Blockheads server was in the globe actually…


The law for Conservation of mass don’t exactly work on blockheads. Trees and plants appear without absorbing anything, plus animals spawn out of no where. And if you leave a dropped item, they can disappeared into thin air.

Besides how often does any game follow the laws for physics?


16x sized worlds are 256 times larger than 1/16 sized worlds!