A 16X Railway on a 1/16X World

This post is just a thought experiment. After reading it, I hope to convince you that it is possible, but I doubt it will ever be done because there would be no useful purpose in executing such an endeavor.

Ok, if you’re still with me, here’s how it goes:
The Worldwide Railroad on Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire (SGE) is 262,144 rails long. No we didn’t count them one by one, we used math to figure this out. What sorcery is this math you ask? Well it’s fairly straightforward:

SGE is a 16X world, meaning it is 16 times larger than a normal sized world. Meanwhile, a 1/16x World is 16 times smaller than a normal sized world. Therefore, it stands to reason that SGE is 256 times larger than a 1/16x World because 16 x 16 = 256. See what I did there? That was Math!

Ah, but what’s the point you ask? Be patient I’m getting there. Ok, well, I happen to know that a 1/16x world is exactly 1024 blocks in length because I actually counted them one day when I really had nothing better to do. So when we multiply 1024 x 256 that should give us the number of blocks in a 16X world. This comes out to: 262,144.

Ok, this is all nothing but background information which has already appeared in several other threads so I’ll get to the point of my topic.

Can we construct a railroad on a 1/16x World which makes use of the fact that the world “wraps around” to achieve 262,144 continuous rails?

To answer that, we need to know how much vertical space exists on a 1/16x world. (BTW - the vertical space on any sized world is always the same).

Now to be honest, I haven’t actually counted the vertical spaces because that involves digging underground and that takes a while. However, I’m fairly certain based on 8 years experience with this game that it is 1024 - but some of it is not usable due to being Lava or above the oxygen limit in space.

So let’s very conservatively say that 75% of 1024 is available space to use. This means we have 768 blocks of usable vertical space (and probably much more).

Ok, now comes the interesting part. If we’re going to pack 262,144 rail tracks into a 1/16x World then we are going to need to wrap the track around 256 times. (Because 262,144 ÷ 1024 = 256). With 768 spaces of vertical height available, we can do this with at least a 2-block space between the overlapping tracks (3 blocks when you include the tracks) because 768 ÷ 3 = 256!

In conclusion to this thought experiment - it is theoretically possible to condense a 16X railway into a 1/16x world. However - I expect practical problems to exist when raising the track at every wrap-around point because the space between rails at the rises might not be sufficient for a handcar to pass. It definitely will not be sufficient for a Train. If such a task were ever carried out on a 1/16x world - then the entire world from Lava to Space would be occupied by railroad tracks! (With 2 spaces in between)


How is it that you still have the power to surprise me? :laughing:


Someone should make a 1/16 world to try this! It would be tedious but interesting! (Also: WOW! :laughing:)


While we didn’t do something exactly like this, we did something similar on a 4x server, with around 1.8 million blocks placed & broken total. It isn’t exactly condensing a railroad, but it’s pretty fancy if I do say so myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s a massive undertaking. The length would be the same as the one on SGE and that one took over a dozen players working for 6 months to complete.

I am sure I am running very low on the “surprise jar” now😂

@PorkyTheChop gonna read that thread now, sounds very interesting!
Just read it. Wow, a 4x worldwide railroad with all that compost and marble and lights! That feat is at least as awesome as SGE’s 16x railway!


Yeah, I bet! If I were to do it, I’d just use custom rules lol

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I respect your dedication and effort to mathematics. :smile:

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Fearless Emperor, corrects me if I err, yet it seems to me the variable is off on spacing.

You state two block space between tracks.
When running rails in the sky, using min. Of two columns per rail… one blank space is needed between a rail and the bottom of the columns above it.
(1 space + 2 columns) + 1Rail = 4 per “linear run”.

Humbly yours,

Thanks Storm for pointing that out - I will have to construct a “model” to take a look at this.

My intention was that the 2 blocks of space between the rails would consist of 1 block containing 1 of the rails. But I’ll take a look!

By the way - I discovered yesterday that the vertical height of worlds is very likely 1024 blocks, but lava has variable height and can eat away many of those usable blocks. Likewise, the area above the oxygen limit, while constant, is still not really ideal for usable space.

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