A account glitch or a hack?

So recently servers have Ben being grieved and some admins on those server has had there account stolen wich to me doesent make sense I think this is more a of a glitch we’re they can acces there accounts not being on the same ip it could be a hack but I very much doubt it I’m reporting it here so Milla and Majic Dave know what’s happening

The IP address has nothing to do with their usernames. The public IP addresses, put simply, is how data is transferred from one computer network to another. The support ID is what’s tied to the player usernames.

Some players make usernames that can look almost exactly like another username, but they have different characters and symbols. Are you sure it is the exact same username? Or does it just say their username has already been taken?

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There could be invisible characters too

Yes there the exact same I’ve looked into invisible characters as well there is none it’s just the same user

Could you explain a little more? Does the copycat appear in blue like an admin, but act completely different, like a rogue admin? And without naming names, how many different admins are we talking about here?

im not sure the exact amaoun other than i know its happened on about 10 servers Yes they appear blue like a admin and are rogue

Is this being done on cloud servers, Mac servers, or both? It’s totally possible for an owner or admin to commandeer accounts on Mac servers.

i believe both but cloud seems to be having it more

Hasn’t this been happening for a long time now?

Idk ik script kiddies have But I’ve never seen anyone take accounts

Most likely they use spaces or symbols they’re “script” kiddies for a reason. They have something in their user that you missed. Ive seen them do it before as the names are very similar but there is always something off that they get away with hiding. As to how they get admin someone is admining them no doubt about it.

Without exception, every time this kind of thing is reported to me, it turns out that someone is spoofing the name using null characters and has convinced someone to give them admin or owner portal credentials.