A better cloud-wide economy

I provide the following as a potential solution to this issue:

The economy of this game is ruined because people buy stuff, buy stuff, and buy more stuff without anyone putting anything back in. In fact, some people buy so much stuff that they start throwing away items (instead of selling them). In version 1.7, Dave alnowledged this as a problem and attempted to cripple trade portals by making people “discover” items to fix this. As always however, players have found a way to make this protection to the economy useless. They just give everyone all the items so they are able to buy them without doing any work whatsoever.

In real life, you do not go to a furniture store and buy a bed when nobody is manufacturing or building any beds because there aren’t any available. Likewise, you do not go to the store and buy apples if nobody is picking apples and selling them to the store, because we wouldn’t have any apples. I think the economy of this game should lie on this principal.

My suggestion is that we have a set limit of available items that we can buy from the block market on classic servers. For example, let’s say in version 1.8 Dave sets the block market to have only 3,000,000* of every item on the block market for all servers on the cloud. Players can contribute to all other players across the cloud selling items that people want to buy.

I’m sure players would have some concerns about this. I will address some of the ones I could come up with below:

  • What if we run out of stuff? Is anyone going to actually make and sell things?

I absolutely believe there are players out there that would be more than willing to do work and sell items. Many people have lost the joy of this game because they have become too lazy and just buy everything they need. In the old days of this game, players had fun making businesses, producing items, and selling items to people. Unfortunatly, since we all have unlimited items right now from trade portals, why does anyone need to work? This suggestion would change that.

As far as blocks and mineral resources, in 1.7 Dave has made this type of economy more possible than ever before. We no longer have to run our of resources (some worlds probably never will anyway) because of the egg extractor. We will always have stuff available to sell.

  • What if I need unlimited blocks to build art and lots of stuff?

Make a custom server and set the trade portals to everything free (if that’s what it’s called). One of the main purposes of custom servers is to let you bend the rules of the game to let you make your world however you want it to be. I really don’t see why you need portal chests on a world where the only thing you do is build; You have everything you need.

I think changing the economy to work this way would make the entire cloud more interconnected, keep things more balanced, and give players a reason to sell stuff instead of throw things away.

Clarifications and side-notes:

*I don’t mean a maximum of 3,000,000 items. As players sell items the total can exceed 3,000,000.


Well said. Your economy system is similar to how pricing works as of now, but backed by a physical supply system for the demand of players. Like adaptive pricing as supply runs low or is saturated.
There are technical challenges with this sort of stuff, such as syncing all the transactions together. (Although how prices update currently works pretty well)

Something I neglected to mention during my thread is that I actually happened to question players about making a custom world instead of the current one.
Their reasons for not doing so is because
a) no portal chests
b) can’t bring unknowns (those glitched items) since no portal chests
c) no source of time crystals

Of course, the implementation of your idea isn’t completely necessary.
Duping is really the source of the problem.
If that was fixed, well, it won’t solve the problem entirely. Millions of platinum coins still exist in duped (and possibly hacked) super shops.
However, if duping was fixed, the problem will not grow any worse, and will slowly, but surely fix itself. Maybe not fully, but the economy would slowly recover instead of getting worse.
Platinum coins in total would dwindle overtime, as players also may leave the game rather than use up their stock, reducing it further and further.

Well, an update to remove super shops in it’s entirety would be bad.
However, removing all hacked super shops (aka those with above 99k platinum coins) would be fair, since those were not attained legitimately.

Although controversial, the removal of all unknowns would bring people to have less incentive to stick to a survival rules world.

Or the most dramatic of all solutions to add-on (after fixing duping).
Reset the trade portal prices entirely to a default config. “Balanced” prices to start out at.

Like jetpacks. As of now they’re incredibly expensive in the trade portal. Yet if they were turned back to like, 100 platinum coins, and people couldn’t just dupe, they might be enticed to y’know, put in the effort to make a jetpack. Cause it takes hours. Making even a platinum coin worth something again.
Titanium blocks are unnecessarily expensive. That’s probably due to duping and super shops. But they’re not time-consuming to craft, only finding the rare ore, which can even be obtained through the electric sluice.
That’s the thing. I love the electric sluice. I love this game’s electricity system. But it’s worthless because of duping. It was a proud symbol to have level 4 workbenches. Level 7 tool benches. Now they’re duped and everywhere. Jetpacks are expensive yet common. As I’ve noted before, end game items aren’t revered, but just a common item everyone has, instead of being an achievement to get.

There’s much more I can say, but my mind is a spinning carousel of thoughts that needs focus. Until my next post!

Oh before I go, I should speak about the discovery system. It’s fantastic. But to balance it out a bit, job listings need to be able to provide more different items. Like sticks. I need sticks.
Also discovery system is worthless on public non-custom servers. People have made “discovery safes” that contain every item in the trade portal in their portal chest. So that hurt there. I don’t have a good solution to that yet, but maybe I don’t need one. After all, it needs a portal chest.

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Unknowns were never supposed to be in the game.

I know that, but that doesn’t stop people from being attached to them.

I don’t even see this as a good enough reason to not do this. Dave made unknowns where they disappear when dropped because they don’t belong in the game. People would have to chose what is more important to them. Having trade portals with unlimited blocks, or having useless unknowns that serve absolutly no purpose whatsoever. Other than bringing in illegitemate items, such as unknowns, I don’t see any reason you would need a portal chest.

When you are creating works of art, I don’t see how you would have time to be concerned about mining for a small pittance of time crystals. However, if you want to go mining for time crystals, join a classic world (cloud or not) and go mining.

Maybe duplicating items isn’t the big issue, but this suggestion was actually not just about this. I personally wish it always worked this way.

I kinda doubt Dave is going to wipe everyone’s coins, but either way the duplication bug has never been permanently fixed. I absolutly could see all the shops being reset, and everyone just duplicating more.

To me, some items seem like man you people buy them but are selling very cheap. Maybe I am wrong.

To me, limiting resource availability is the solution.

I should amend my statement slightly. If your proposed supply system was implemented from the start, I would love such a system too. It would somewhat reduce further upsets to the economy as well.

Unknowns aren’t a thing. They’re a symptom of damage to game data.

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