A better server bot

so i am a programmer lets get that out of the way. i know that there is already a server bot out there but the issue with that one is that it requires someone to leave their computer on 24/7.

i was thinking of trying to host a free service that is open source and does everything that bot can do but without the 24/7 computer issue.
i would like to know if anyone would be interested in such a service?


I would definitely be interested in a service like that! :smile:


While such a service is technically feasible, it isn’t realistic. There is no api for granting an application access to an owner portal. This means that any bot must have access to your login and is able to change your password. It also has access to every server you own, not just the one the owner intended to give access to.

This means that the bot owner must be trusted implicitly by any users… which is a position ripe for abuse. When I asked about building this, I was (quite reasonably!) told that such a tool could not be advertised on the forum.

Mac servers are a different story - the host there is already trusted implicitly to run the world & users don’t have to give access to all worlds they paid for. Wingysam built a bot which is always on for his Mac servers.

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Yes I guess these concerns are something to worry about. I know trust could never fully be obtained by the person who owns the server. However if an API was made that gave the bot access to one server. I feel this would be great solution for server bots. I suppose that’s what’s so nice about it being open source someone could download the code and run lt on heroku the owner would then have full control over the bot and what servers it has access to. I have already run such a bot on heroku for a month now and it is still going strong.

I conclusion if the user didn’t want to go through all the hassle of running it on heroku I guess they could use my server to but this would require full trust. If not they could run it on heroku. Either way I feel that this kind of bot would be nice. Btw this is the server running it http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=9aa9349a08606d84d35e20f90ea36898&name=GLASS%20PRAIRIE it is an anarchy server where everyone is admin but the bot helps regulate the stupid commands like kick ban stop and it also makes everyone admin. A bit of a warning though don’t join this server. I have put it here for example purposes and the stuff that has happened on there is not for the faint of heart. Milla if you are seeing this message could you please reset the world. Things are kinda stuffed

The owner portal is already pretty insecure as is. It isn’t encrypted, not to mention that there’s no form of 2FA.
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 12.19.11 PM

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I know. The bot I have made has a function that takes in credentials for the server and it spits out an id to access the portal. As far as I can see this id expires.

You will need Dave’s permission.


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i have sent dave an email about server specific api keys. it has been a week but i haven’t received a response from him.

benefits of my code:
quicker response times
more customization
can easily be used with commands such as “sendchat(“message”)”
can be pushed to a server
can run in the background of computer without having a browser open

Wait, did you send an email to the Blockheads support email?

You can probably get in contact with him VIA the Sapiens Discord server.

The developer address is on the website.

@software Please unpublish your code until Dave has permitted you to publish it.

A little late on this but even if a console is taken over by someone there’s still a way to get in for the owner and change the password so there’s really no risk other then list lossage so just make a copy of lists.

(To do this join your game then just click the owner portal button and it auto logs you in)