A better way to mass buy or sell


We all know the feeling of trying to buy 4 chests full of luminous plaster for pixel art, don’t we? Or the feeling of trying to sell a bunch of stuff to the market? You have to sit there and just tap and tap and tap until your finger cramps, or you just feel like stopping. Not only is it time consuming, the finger cramps hurt, man. The point is, mass buying and selling in the trade portal is incredibly inefficient.

I would like to propose two options for a potential solution.

  1. A tap and hold option
    The tap and hold option would work as most of you would think. You just simply tap and hold the buy or sell button, and it does the transaction at an accelerated pace. To stop, you would simply need to let go of the button. This would make the buying and selling process a lot faster and less painful on my fingers.

  2. A bulk buy/sell
    The second option would be to either be able to set custom bulks, or have the in-game system have an option to buy in bulk. I was thinking more of an option like the everything free trade portal where you have the option between 1 and 99. This option still has finger cramps involved ._.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk


I have had the same problem sense I started playing tbh. This is a great idea, the only problem I can see happening is the buying 99 baskets problem we had before Dave solved it. Now there is some precautions one can take to prevent this, like not having the tp close to spawn. Ether way some players still could do it accidentally/unintentionally (I know I have).


Using 3D Touch maybe?


Well, we could just turn off the options for baskets maybe?


iPhone XR removed 3D Touch, I think it’s being phased out by Apple.


That is cool


Haptic touch?


I didn’t know any Apple devices had haptics. 3D touch is the additional level of pressure AFAIK.


I believe from iPhone 6S up until the iPhone X line, Apple replaced the home button the clicked with a fake button that uses haptic feedback to make you think the you can actually click the home button when in reality it is just a circular indent below the screen. 3D Touch refers to the pressure sensing tech used in the iPhone’s screen to differentiate a light tap and a firm press.

I think I remembered that right…

ANYWAYS, back on topic… I like the idea of tapping and holding to speed buy or sell so long as the game will automatic stop buying items once your inventory fills up. Custom bulk sizes would be pretty cool, but I’m not really sure about how to integrate that into the trade portal UI.


As an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz4HDt0tBe0

The iPhone 7 was the first iPhone to have a haptic home button.


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