A change in how damage works


So currently,projectiles and attacks are a lock-on kind of thing,so they can’t be dodged nor blocked.

Id like it better damage counts as a entity,so that swords will damage everyone in the attack radius,and can be dodged if the foe moves quickly.Arrows should be dodgeable,and even blocked with blocks.


Nah I think it’s cool so you just move to the target


I was thinking about this earlier I’d like this because right now it’s just attack and you’ll follow til their dead… No challenge


This would make combat more interesting because it won’t just be whoever can attack the fastest


Yeah…boots of speed will kill players with the lock on system.
Maybe have it so it does attack at certain spot, attacking anything that that one spot?
But on mobs, lock on should stay for them.


so if you shoot an arrow at someone and someone moves in front of them, would that person get hit and the arrow would stop or would the arrow keep going to hit the other person?

thisd be very useful when fighting scorpions. i hate it when i move inside a house before the poison reaches me, and then the poison magically passes through the door :stuck_out_tongue: