A change to server credit in 1.7


That would be an awesome idea!! And it would really help the starving artists and poor kids who can’t pay much or often. I would also probably fund more of my own servers since many of them don’t see traffic for days on end. <hint, hint Dave> Dave might see more revenue from this, and since (I believe) he really only pays for the active servers, this makes a lot of sense.


Aren’t the servers still stored in the cloud regardless? He has to pay all the time when you have to pay sometimes? Maybe I’m just confused lol.


He is not charged on a day to day basis for most of the 800,000+ servers. There is probably an overall data storage fee and the storage increases incrementally as soon as someone creates a world, whether or not that world stays active or not. But since he’s not actively seeking to reduce the inactive servers, I surmise this charge is rather small. The main expenses come from how much CPU and memory his application is consuming, which comes directly from active servers. The way the cloud works is that your application is allocated resources to run and those resources can be increased on demand. So, the fewer active servers running, the less Dave is consuming of the cloud and therefore the less he would be charged.


Ok, let’s put the question to the man himself: @majicDave: How about it? Is it possible to charge only for days that a server is actually used?

I, for one, would support a higher per-day charge if so.


I think it is. I once went on a server with 6 days credit, the next day I came, it still had 6 days, and the next day I came, it still had 6 days left.


Watching on the side lines; as heated players boil over and cool off…I have been swayed back and forth between the different parties.

First, when reading this post I was disappointed to find out that my servers will not survive the future update—because I am not in a position to upkeep my severs with IAP…unless Apple allows the option for players to pay for the credit…while not being the owner! If that’s not the case—I will be greatly disappointed to watch “Dave” dissipate into deleted files…(I hope this is an example for those who will be experiencing great loses!)

Then I got reminded that this was needed to enhance the experience of “The Blockheads” from its original condition!

So I’ve been in both positions of losing and gaining—and trust me my loses will be VERY GREAT…whereas my gains are unseen…
Then Considering that @majicDave created this game, and that plenty of players are trying to fight for…(in their opinion) things that they think will help the game; or save it…but over all Dave will being making decisions that he has gone over and over and over—trying to calculate the best results…why would Dave make a decision without thinking of the consequences!? (It’s his Lose)

The only thing I would like to put out there…is an idea of an in-between system:

Okay, so I was thinking of a way to implement a way to keep a type of “Time crystal” still available to be acquired to upkeep a server! As we know hackers have made accessing TC very easy for all players to get—but what if Dave were to change over the system…whereas to make it more safeguarded along with a up-to-date system so he can fix present infiltrates of hackers!
Basically I was thinking he could altogether drop Time Crystals and create a new IAP Currency. Also fixing the problem of to many servers…if stopping hacks doesn’t achieve this; then, how about bumming up the amount of the new (IAP Currency) to be paid in order to upkeep a server—so in essence keep the ads available to players to get the new (IAP Currency)…but then raise the prices!
Right now I’m not sure what the exact payment prices are, to upkeep a server…but I believe its somewhere around: 100Tc = 1day, 600Tc = 7days, 2000Tc = 30days
But now what if you changed it to: 500Tc =- 1day, 800Tc = 7days, 10,000Tc = 30days Although expensive this brings the two differences to come meet in the middle…because no IAP purchases will be acquired for those who can not/ or may not be allowed to make IAP but brings the most dedicated players to take time to create their own servers! (Although their will be hackers always invading the system–just how there are for IAP; but it will greatly decrease the amount of bland servers out-there…also Dave now making a come-back with “The Blockheads” will be able to fix the present hacking problems; unlike before)

As much as I want to end this thread…I just caught another idea that may solve these issues!

Okay, now talking about IAP to upkeep a server: Unsure of the exact prices but it was around a couple bucks a month–I think.
Now as we know; again, :wink: some player can not/may not make IAP…so how about “The Blockheads” makes an actual shop—for players to buy items…I would implement the money with an IAP purchase currency; just because I wouldn’t know how you would do it with straight up IAP. Now with that settled; “The Blockheads” could host competitions : for instance: a costume design competition—the (winners picked) will have their own design placed in the catalog of the “Blockheads Shop”—which players can buy…but the winners have the option to get their winning item or to cash it in for some “Server-time”! This would also bridge the gap of dedicated players of receiving the option of hosting Servers!

(I will be making threads for these two ideas—so in order for players to give specific likes) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have any questions, feel free to Holler Below! :wink:

A new IAP Currency!

“The Blockheads Shop”!


OK, but can you make a way so that 2 friends that just want to play together to learn the basics of the game can do it for free? Or just don’t put in the IAPs for the credit in the server world and delete every existing one right now and make it so that if no one visits a world for 1-2 months, without giving you a reason, you will delete the world. That would make less worlds and stop pirates too! Who agrees, since I really have nothing to do this summer and I might quit the game because of this update since I don’t think there are gonna be many normal and calm survival servers… They are going to be run by people who pay so people who think they have the full power and they can ban you easily, since they have full rights. The server will have one dictator and everyone follows his rules or you’re banned (I have been in a server with adults and if you don’t follow ONE RULE, anything it might be, they ban you and almost straight away, without you being able to even give an explanation) and it MIGHT BE (this might be an exaggeration) that you get banned from every single server since there are so little of them. Not to mention that most of the owners would be spoiled kids or grown adults, and not going to lie I don’t think anyone likes those. Some adults can be really annoying in the game and the spoiled kids even more. Also, let’s say you just did so much hard work in one world for a long time (say, 2 months) and the owner gets tired of paying for the credit so he stops? You just lost all your things and can’t get them back. I do not like this update except for the fact that piraters go away. Do you guys like my idea?


Spoiled kids? I don’t like that. But adults who run servers are usually responsible. And don’t complain if you get banned for breaking the rules. You’re not supposed to break them, that’s why there there. You can’t break a rule and then complain that you got banned. That point of yours is invalid.

That, is quite reasonable. I can understand how you feel about that. However, that is something that can’t be helped. However, if we’re allowed to add credit to other servers, then someone else may be able to add credit when the owner stops. Then your progress is safe.
Also remember that no world is deleted. Your progress can still return if you add credit.


If you want to play with a friend to learn the basics of the game, try using the Game Center capabilities of single player worlds. The best part of this is that it’ll just be you, your friend, and lots of free space to build and explore. No interruptions.
What you’re saying is that with the update, players would be forced to follow the rules more closely. Doesn’t this sound like it could be a good thing? As odd as some rules may sound, there’s usually a good reason for all of them, especially on servers run by “grown adults”. If some of the staff are as trigger happy as you say, try talking about it to the owner. They’ll probably either speak with their staff about it or explain to you why they run their server that way. However, you should always start out by respecting the rules, especially since, as you say, there won’t be very many servers to get banned from.
Your idea is interesting in theory, but there are several reasons why having the IAP is now an imperative. There’s really no way to get around that now.


PIZZA0, I agree with the others. I don’t share your view of adult server ownership. I challenge you to play on Skylands Arena and see if you don’t find the staff respectful and tolerant. We give warnings for most of the rules being broken so you’ll know what you’re doing wrong before you get banned. The exceptions are hackers and inappropriate images and language which nobody wants anyway and really violate the spirit of a kid friendly server.

I would like to have the chance to change your mind about adults. Spoiled kids on the hand, well, I’m right with you on that point. My very first server I ever joined was run by a spoiled kid who would randomly clear the admin list and next day everyone would be an admin and chaos was everywhere.

But your idea does spark something. Perhaps Dave could add a way to fund a server with TC but with limited access, like only 2-4 players.


@Arcturus Thanks a lot, but my friend doesn’t have Game Center :frowning: . Also yes about the rules, but sometimes the OWNER is like the staff too… Anyway, thanks alot for your comment, but I will continue fighting for a way with no IAP!

@jemnidad , thanks for your new server lol, and also I will see for the adult ownership thing :smiley: . Oh wait nvm it’s a custom :frowning: .


Why are you against custom servers?


Whatever comes stays there, that’s why.


You mean no portal chests?




You’re really limiting yourself then. Just because you can’t bring things in doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy a server. What can you bring in that a custom world doesn’t have?


Not bringing in, but bringing out…


I see. So you join other worlds to garther their resources and export them, rather than using them for the good of that server?


Everyone prefers their own server styles, @PIZZA0 probably has a lot of reasons why he/she likes portal chests. They provide easy access to items between worlds afterall.

One thing I could think of is tulips, you can’t bring all the pretty colors you’ve bred on custom servers to others.

Isn’t this off topic to this thread?


That was a bit rude, but anyways back on topic.