A change to server credit in 1.7


Yuhhh! :lol:


Guess my server won’t survive the new update, but I suppose I like this new server credit update. I want to see good actual servers and not anime servers or anything like that.


Yep! Prob anyone who’d pay to host a server for a month or seven days will obviously make a quality fun server, why waste money? I’m going to pay after 1.7 :smile:


When the update comes out people are gonna be like look oooooo an update… And update and they hace soooo much tc from tc safes that they go to create a world they click the 1 month of credit and itsays to put ethe ir apple id password in they put it in they see it sag your device dosnt support in app purchases
They will come to forums and complain then leave forever same with tc safes…


Ive been trying to set up a world using my Mac but im lost, Ive set up everything I think I need to, but when I try join on my phone it keeps saying searching and nothing happens, could I have some help?


Sounds like port forwarding either isnt set up, or isnt correct. I made a "How to make a Mac server thread here:

The second post is where I start talking about port forwarding. If you have questions beyond that, you can pm me.

Btw, welcome back!



Thanks joe!


I may sound a bit harsh, but if they were running servers solely off of tc safes, then they were part of the problem and the reason why Dave made this decision. I won’t miss them. Save the server resources for people who actually pay for them.


I thought of a 1.7 related question, which is probably already taken care of…but I’m just curious :nerd_face:

How will you spawn more blockheads into a server, once TC is removed?

Thanks for all responses! :wink:


Tc is not being removed. They are just adding IAP for server worlds


TC isn’t removed from the game. It’s just that TC will no longer be used to create and maintain server worlds. Money will be required for that. Real life money.
TC can still be used for other purposes though, like teleporting, speeding up crafting/sleeping, creating/ upgrading portals/trade portals, and of course warping in blockheads.


So, servers will cost money again, just as they did when BlockServer was around.


Yes. It will get rid of those anime and dating servers.



Yes it’s good. But hopefully some servers that are good and can’t fund time will be okay


It’d be sad for good , real servers that can’t afford to keep the server around for a lil more shut down :cry: but I do prefer for server credit to be like this now , it’s been coming .


Yes. Blame the free tc worlds, that wouldn’t stop. I was guilty but stopped so I am not fully alibied. But those and anime date worlds


Ermagersh, I just heard about this update from my pal Zopp. Blockservers closing is probably the main thing that lead to me becoming bored with and eventually leaving this game. Depending on how this update goes, I might come back to the game. The player interaction in this game is what really used to draw me into it, but the dispersion of the players across the hundreds of thousands of servers kinda ruined it for me a little bit. I’m excited to see where this update will take the blockheads world.


So, What if you got like an itunes gift card for let us say…25 dollars. Could you use some of that money to pay for servers?


Welcome back Ark. I finally got Mac servers figured out- ok, I got a new Mac that could handle it… so, yeah, it should be fun. I’ll look forward to you popping in.


Will the owner have to pay (real money) in order to get in the server? If so, then I’m not gonna update.