A change to server credit in 1.7

So…off topic a bit but…

This is one reason I’m excited about the change to IAP for server credit. It means that there won’t be Ten Thousand Expert Worlds with just one or two people playing on them. Instead we will have far less worlds but with many more people on each. I envision my expert world to be a thriving cooperative challenge. Where players actually work together toward common goals. It’s gonna be a total game changer folks! :sunglasses:


(start crying in the inside cause mine wasn’t chosen)
Not looking forward to what ever skeeve can make that will make 99% percent of people rage!
If anyone could “finish” that server, they should get a trophy

but I put so much thought into my abbrieviations


I’m excited! This is the first time that I’ve been aware of a monumental server at the outset, finally!
As for the impact of IAP credit on its success, I expect great things. It’s easy enough for a community to develop on the forums, but on the cloud that sort of regularity seldom occurs. I’m hoping that there will be active participation unlike what has been seen since before credit was made payable with time crystals, at least on SUEC and other landmark servers.


I have 2 things to ask:

  1. Will the Cloud Serverlist be cleared?

  2. Do you think people will start making mac servers?

Milla has answered this

I think he means blockheadsfans.com

That’s not what he said though. And, yes, people will create Mac servers.

I did in fact say that…

Oh well

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Ah my bad. Cloud Serverlist by itself means something different to me. Blockheadsfans.com is managed by @Skeeve and @Bibliophile and not affiliated with Majic Jungle. I’m sure votes could be reset since those used to be reset monthly. Whether or not they clean up old servers is a separate issue.

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to be honest all servers running now should still run on tc in 1.7

That wouldn’t be a good idea.


Dave implimented this change because people using hacked TC made a lot of servers. If those servers could still use TC to fund them in the coming update, then the fix wouldn’t fix anything.

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Then everyone would make 10 worlds using hacked tc until 1.7 comes, and revive them with the hacked tc they somehow smuggle in this time



Are there any ideas you have on why this should not be implemented? :slight_smile:

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That pricing is phenomenal! Its like what, 20 bucks to get 3k tc, now it costs like 3 bucks for the equivalent. Nice one Dave!

Its too expensive…

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Welcome to the forums @Nihilus! Please consider reading these threads to get to know the rules.

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Well, to be honest, all servers running now shouldn’t still run on tc in 1.7. Many were created with pirated tc, and it’s not fair for Dave to have to pay for something that he isn’t earning revenue from.


I agree - and also MajicDave is being very fair by allowing server credit to be topped off with Time Crystals prior to release of 1.7. This means that most cloud world owners will still have an additional 3 months of availability before they would have to use IAP to pay for more time.

I think shortly after the release of 1.7, it might be business as usual for Cloud Worlds - but after 3 months we should see a dramatic decline in the number of available worlds, but a sharp rise in player population on each of the worlds left. Will be quite interesting to watch. I wish I had access to the data that Dave does - I would present a whole slew of graphs and charts! (You know I would :lol: )


Here’s an interesting dynamic to your statistics Skeeve. Since we won’t be able to convert current servers to expert mode, that means that all expert mode servers will run on IAP from the get-go. And like you, I suspect that expert servers will be popular. After all, we’re ALL bh experts, right? :wink: