A change to server credit in 1.7


Well, um, there’s goes my ability to make a server.


I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe Dave can allow us access to the Linux version of the server so that those who can not afford expensive mac machines but have their own machine that can run Linux very easily would still have the option to have a “free” way to own their own servers.


I really like the idea of reducing the number of active servers. So many good servers are empty a lot of the time now. There are so many people who create a server then lose interest and let it die, create another, lose interest, let it die and so on. $2.99 a month is a very small amount compared to the current cost (if you purchased the TC). Hopefully it will be enough to mean people have one server that they work really hard on rather than 20 dead servers they have never developed.

Not to mention the impact it will have on TC piracy.


Same lol


Your a genius! The blockheads will be liberated from piraters!


Thanks Dave! I think this will work really well.


Finally I can actually have a successful server! Thank you so much @majicDave! :slight_smile:


Will seven days or a month be the only options? Are you going to rid of being able to only add one day of tc? Or what would one day cost?


Finally, less tc hackers


I’m down for this decision. World owners will have to focus their energy on one server, rather than 7 or 8, if they want to keep their fees low. Also, a lot of world owners who are using hacked Time Crystals or aren’t that dedicated will have to shut down. That allows for more activity in any one server, rather than the scattering of 1 or 2 in the servers now.


This is great news. I lamented the loss of Blockserver almost as soon as it went away, like @Bamajoe411. But I never quit playing. I just pushed on through the dilution of the player base.

I foresee it also curtailing hackers who own worlds that they simply abandon when they get cloud banned. It was easy for them when the TC was free and plentiful to just start a new world with a new account but now they will actually have “skin in the game”.


This sure would help a lot of servers!
A lot of pirated tc would be gone, and more revenue for the game.
Granted, I won’t make a server…
But I’ll probably lose interest in it, as said before lol.
This sure will be a good boost on good servers which have died out.


I’m thinking of adding a longer term option, and increasing the credit cap so you can keep topping up credit until 90 days or longer, but I haven’t totally decided yet. The 1 day option will be removed, as on iOS you can’t charge less than 99c.

Will adding 1 day of credit still be possible?

Awesome! I love this change. You might want to do something like Pixel Gun 3D did though; you can’t use a jailbroken device to purchase IAPs without going through some serious hoops on that game. As it stands, anyone with a jailbroken device can use a method that allows them to quickly and easily fake purchase TCs on The Blockheads.


Great to hear this!!! Can’t wait for 1.7!

Edit: will this change be accompanied with improvements to the cloud’s infrastructure?


I’m all for the greater good of the game of course and am glad that you’ve thought of a way to curtail tc piracy.
It will, however, change the way I play (not a bad thing to change). I do hope you allow dead worlds to remain or give ample warning before deleting old servers… will need to prioritize now.

The nostalgic part of me thinks it will be sad to lose access to some incredible worlds with beautiful builds that are “dormant” waiting for someone to jump start them again. So many great worlds. I visit some on occasion for reference or just to play where it’s a bit peaceful. I love when friends take me to see some of their impressive servers that died out for this reason or that. Of course, this is a smart thing to do (cost effective and necessary), but it will be sad to let go.


I hope those questions will be answered soon! I’m guessing there’s gonna be some way to save old cloud worlds locally, whether it be on our device or perhaps even our Mac?


Don’t worry, deleting old worlds is still a long way off (well after 1.7), there is no real urgency, I just thought I’d mention it will probably happen one day.

Random fact - there are currently 817,628 worlds!


It would be great if there is some way to keep those memorable servers in some sort of “cryogenic stasis” or “archaeological” museum.


Maybe there could be player-created world packs that have specific themes?