A change to server credit in 1.7


Yeah, I think the Expert Fan Club is a small one. I don’t expect them to be a burgeoning server option.


Totally agreed about the small number of Expert Mode servers there is likely to be, with the majority congregating on Skeeve’s Gigantic Torture Chamber :wink:


I thought we settled on @Skeeve’s Kindler Gentler Empire :wink:


Skeeve’s Gigantic Torture Chamber does have an appealing ring to it. :smiley:


Fixed it. :wink:


Oh. Well, ok then. If they’re not up to the challenge, I guess I could understand that. :smiling_imp:


Challenge accepted. :sunglasses:

Uh… back on topic now. ._.


There’s always mac servers…


I’m pretty sure I read everything Dave has posted about 1.7 so far, but I want to know if 16 players will not be the maximum number of players per server, since now, there will be less servers in the game (according to the 1.7 update of where people will need to use their credit cards to credit servers). Though I think it is reasonable to keep the maximum players per server as 16 because the message box will be spammed sometimes.


16 will stay the max for Cloud servers, but it is 32 for Mac servers. Also, if no servers are available in the cloud with space, then a new server is automatically generated with I think 7 days of credit. Personally I would keep looking for an established server rather than join a temporary one. I’m sure there will be some that won’t be maxed with players 24/7.


Nope. If your on iOS then you’ll just need to buy an iTunes card and use it. I’m not sure about Android though.


They have Google Play cards or something similar don’t they?


I think so.


Yes, they do.


I’m sad. In the wake of the new update, my favourite servers are down. I might just leave the game, at least on Multiplayer, until the update.

Until then, I agree with @TheBest1Ever 's idea about ads being worth 1/5th a day. Good idea.

And sure, eventually hackers will find a way to hack the IAPs. Nothing is untouchable. But there will be less or no script kiddies and customers of the TC dealers, only the really hardcore hackers. With intangible money, or virtual currency, somehow it feels (or in my case, felt) less like stealing. Of course, it still is stealing, but kids who don’t know what they are doing are less likely to steal £2.50/$2.50 for a server than 250 NetMoney (I just made this up for the sake of examples)

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Hackers can’t get into IAP as easily. The few worlds that do remain will be monitored, so if someone isn’t paying fairly, Milla will find out as there won’t be too many servers to watch, resulting in possibly legal action as that’s piracy
(I think)


It is illegal to get IAPS for free, pretty sure.


It’s illegal to get TCs free (except from mining and videos), but people still do it.


The issue with TC was that it was all managed client side and easy to tamper with. With IAPs there will be a server side transaction making it harder to do and easier to catch the hacker trying to steal.


May I get a definition of IAP? :slight_smile: