A change to server credit in 1.7


It means In-app-purchase. Stuff you buy inside the app and pay via your itunes account or the android equivalent. Like the TCs in The Blockheads right now.


Thanks, @Ronnie! Very appreciated.


For anyone who still doesn’t get it (I found this analogy helpful)

Why don’t we see hackers everywhere with HD textures and Double Time? Because they are IAP which Apple monitors, and very few hackers can hack Apple


My response:

-makes an ad for free time crystals-
Narrator: Do you pirate tc? Well stop your whining and begging for tc! Introducing… Videos for 20 tc! Watch videos all day long, and get thousands of tc soon enough! Even better, you won’t get in trouble with the boys upstairs! Use tc videos, NOW! Results for pirating tc may vary.


Also it’s illegal to get IAP for free, I think.


Yep, as bad as it is to pirate TC, IAP purchases are on a whole other level. It will take some team of hackers to get past that security, and if some day they do, there will be extreme consequences… extreme. IAP is beyond Dave and Milla’s control.


You’d be sent to prison for piracy. Probably for a few years.


Amazon, Apple, and Google are some of the biggest companies in the world. It would be absolutely foolish and stupid for someone to try and get past the IAP just to make a Blockheads cloud server.


This is when i realizethat watching all of those ads i watched on my birthday are now going to slowly die in my pocket.


No it won’t go to waste! You will need lots of tc for crafting especially for expert mode!


Oh yeah thats true.


Hold on…What if no one pays for a server. And I mean no one. After all, can’t you do like a LAN type thing with single player worlds?
Now, I know that this wont happen, but if very few people pay, what would happen. Also something that will not happen.


There would be those servers that are made when all the others are full…

That would be creepy tho @VolcanoFlame


No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:


If nobody pays for servers then I’m guessing that means the cloud has about run its corse and is coming to an end.


Many people pay, remember there are more blockheads players than on the forums


KP7, prior to the cloud, we had to pay for servers with credit cards and there were hundreds of servers. And I would say that the game is more popular and there are more players overall now than back then. So I wouldn’t worry too much.


I had to chuckle a bit when I read this. I think you are all in for big surprise. The Cloud is about to enter its Golden Age!


Just to clarify what I said: I never really believed that the cloud was about to end. I was just saying what would happen if nobody paid for cloud servers. :slight_smile:


Oh, I get ya. I also forgot to mention that the day 1.7 is released, there won’t be much of a noticeable difference in the number of cloud worlds. After 90 days though when they start to run out of credit - that’s when the great drop-off begins.