A change to server credit in 1.7


So do we have to expect 120 days? Or is 90 correct?


Some could be 120ish. But I think we can expect a slow decrease starting as soon as players feel the pang of the new credit system. At the same time, I expect a growing popularity of servers being paid for with IAP that will stick around. Who will want to keep playing on servers that are doomed to die in a few months. Whether it’s 3 or 4 doesn’t really matter. If I know a server has a short life, I don’t even join.


:thinking: probably 120 days now that I think about it. If I recall correctly Dave mentioned something about allowing all server owners to “top off” their server credit with TC’s just prior to release of 1.7.

But Jem is also correct that players will probably begin to congregate on the servers that they know will be around for the long haul - not just 120 days. In that regard, perhaps I’m wrong and we will notice the change very rapidly. :thinking:


I agree, who wants to play in a server that will die pretty soon after you put your effort into it?


However, some players that never look at the forums, facebook, etc. won’t know unless someone tells them.


4 months isn’t going to last forever anyway though.


Huh. Talking about a “great-drop-off” makes me feel bad for those who worked hard on their servers, especially those who actually get their tc by watching countless videos every day instead of hacking it. I don’t feel bad for those hacking types however…


Luckily, a good amount of people who actually care for their servers are willing to pay 2 dollars and 99 cents in USD every month to keep their worlds alive. I agree that some worlds will sadly die but this change is for the better overall.


There are some great servers that ran on it

But that’s just how it goes. A great system is made and some people just ruin it for everyone else.

I normally don’t care when it’s not a colossal effect, but people will be losing months of hard work



Now if I just skip that weekly cup of Starbucks frappuccino… that gives me even more money to pay for games. :stuck_out_tongue:


Correction: Years


It could be years, months, weeks, or maybe even just days depending on the server to be honest.


Losing “access to”, you mean. They’ll still be there, in mothballs.


Good point, milla. The worlds will always be in tact (for the time being) if the server owners ever decide or have the ability to fund their old worlds.


Anyone know when this update will be out?


The Blockhead’s facebook account will post a week in advance of the update. Right now, no one knows!


Thank you Cate!


what the heck? when I play 1.7 I will get AT LEAST A CRED to creat/top up my “Factions of Time” server


Blame the free tc users. It’s all their fault.


Now I imagine a user joining the forums named “TC_Users” and milla giving him the title “It’s all our fault.”