A change to server credit in 1.7


Then dave can have milla’s old title. “Totally not my fault”


I understand Dave’s comments. I mean seriously. Thousands of dollars a month and with so many people just giving out tc he probably doesn’t make half that in a month. I honestly don’t think ittl stop it completely but it will definitely help. It’s so hard to find a good server now days plus no one that actually buys tc will have a problem with it but I also think the tc prices are really too expensive. I mean someone can use 14,000(100$ worth) in 5 minutes. But I have a feeling that after the new update the prices will start to drop because more people will start to buy instead of use free ones. Just to let you know @majicDave and @milla and the rest of the magic jungle crew (and anyone else that has helped with this game) that I fully support your decision👍


It’s possible, but unlikely. I mean, what would you use 14k for? Crafting 1400 golden beds? Teleporting to 200 TC away 700 times? The best way to save TC is to remind yourself to be patient and save it for things that can only be crafted, or made, with TC.


Yeah. 5 minutes is a little bit exaggerated but you get the picture. If you don’t try to save than they can go very fast. Especially when adding credits to worlds


In the update, it’ll cost $2.99 for 30 days. If you can add credit to other worlds, as long as you’re not going left and right adding credit willy-nilly, I think the cost will be fine. :rofl:


Unfortunately people will most likely not pay for worlds now that IAPs will be set


A lot of people will. Definitely not as many servers as there are now but I’m pretty sure you won’t run out of servers to play on after 1.7


I think you misunderstood me… I meant other players, not the owners of the worlds. Owners will definitely pay to keep their good worlds running… it’s just that other people may not

There still will be worlds out there after 1.7


I am certainly willing to donate a few dollars to good servers I play on. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. During the Blockserver days, RedEagle had a server sponsorship program.


^ What he said. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m willing to pitch in for a good server with friends.


I actually would recommend awesome servers that cannot fund in 1.7 to ask others to take ownership if they can.

If I had a super kewl server, I wouldn’t mind giving Skeeve or KP7 ownership if they promised to try to keep it running :+1:


Ok I take it back, I guess there will be lots of support for funding IAP worlds :wink:

Edit: funding not finding


I have been a bit more busy lately and I expect to become more busy as time goes on. But I could occasionally do a few things to keep a server nice and tidy every so often, take care of players needs, and enforce rules. But I think you would be better off with skeeve to manage the entire show if you ever made that “kewl server.” :slight_smile:

Also, next time you want to mention me, you can just say @KP7. Otherwise I may not have known about this post if I didn’t just happen to look at this thread. :wink:


Pretty sure Skeeve only plans on running two cloud worlds,


@KP7 @Brer-Rabbit
I didn’t mean to say that I’d ask Skeeve or KP7 to own the server, I was giving examples. My servers are going to be mac servers probably anyways


I know, I’m just saying.


Correct - just 2 worlds for now.
SGE and the new Expert mode world.


Can’t wait! :grin:


We will still be able to get TC from ads, but we just can’t use TC to fund servers.


There still might be a problem, many people like spending TC on portal chests, trade portals, etc. It will make it die down a little though. :smiley: