A change to server credit in 1.7


@KP7 @Brer-Rabbit
I didn’t mean to say that I’d ask Skeeve or KP7 to own the server, I was giving examples. My servers are going to be mac servers probably anyways


I know, I’m just saying.


Correct - just 2 worlds for now.
SGE and the new Expert mode world.


Can’t wait! :grin:


We will still be able to get TC from ads, but we just can’t use TC to fund servers.


There still might be a problem, many people like spending TC on portal chests, trade portals, etc. It will make it die down a little though. :smiley:


lol I have been watching from my computer… not replying…


but then the other servers would cost money and also who needs 1,000 servers


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Milla doesn’t shut down free TC servers. They are just waiting for 1.7. Many of them don’t even give out free TC, they just want to attract players using the name. And your off topic stuff could have gone in a different thread of its own.


Great job now I might not be on the forum for a month.


Why not?


This change is great. The switch to time crystal worlds really flooded the game with too much servers and everyone scrambled. The blockserver days are where some of my fondest memories lay, i hope that this decreases the amount of servers even if there are still a lot. It will make people have to really make their server stand out and shine again. but thats just me, anyhow, im excited for this change.


1.7 was supposed to be released like 20 days ago


By your standards, yes.


According to whom? MJ has never given a release date. Anyone else is guessing. It’ll be out when it’s done.


Probably just @TheFoil being TheFoil.


According to him making completely random assumptions and sticking with them. Gotta love TheFoil.




I actually am kind of down for this idea because I bet a lot of people don’t want to or aren’t allowed (in my or a lot of my friends’ cases) to use IAPs because… reasons. I run a server that I and a lot of my friends have spent almost two years developing and running and we won’t be able to anymore because of this, which triggers me. I do like the idea under some light but there is always a downside to these things