A change to server credit in 1.7


Honestly, dedicated server owners are probably willing to sacrifice buying a few extra pencils worth a dollar for a week so they can add credit. The non dedicated owners may not be willing to make sacrifices like that though.


Aha and there’s where you’re a bit off @Brer-Rabbit because a lot of people aren’t allowed to pay for games… cough cough


I never had such restrictions as a child, I was allowed to buy things/games/clothes that I wanted etc if I bought it with my own money. Is there a specific reason why you can’t use your money on games?


A lot of games, if not most of the new games on the app store, are pay-to-win. You spend a little money on accelerating crafting times, you spend a little money on armour, you spend a little money on heroes… And at the end of the month you have spend a lot of money. A lot of people - not only kids - get carried away in the heat of the moment and spend way more money than they actually intended or can afford.
And there have been press reports on fraudulent games that initiatet 99 $ IAPs on their own!
So it is not surprising that many parents do not allow the kids to spend money at all on virtual games.


Why not? Like Unihorse said, if you pay with your own money, I don’t see the problem. If their parents do have restrictions, they can try to convince them otherwise like credit for a birthday present.


Like Ronnie said, some people are wary of these IAP games that may or may not be scrupulous. And rather than investigate into what is an otherwise reasonable and legitimate expense in a game like Blockheads, they just outlaw all iTunes purchases.

It’s a sad truth, but the players who abuse the free TC have forced us and Dave into this position. It’s either this, or the eventual shutdown of the cloud servers. I’ve already lost one beloved game to a server shutdown because of lost revenue from in game purchase abuse, I don’t want to lose another one.


I don’t know why people make this so complicated, there are 2 options, the first being making credit IAP only, in which case there would be fewer servers, but certainly higher quality as people will want to get their money’s worth out of their servers. The second option is keeping the system as is, meaning loss of revenue and eventually the shutdown of the cloud which means no servers at all.

I think the first option is the best one, besides Macs are pretty good computers, and there a convienent Mac app that allows you to host servers for free.


But if, like me, you don’t own a Mac. This is a waaaay more expensive option.


Well obviously you aren’t gonna buy a Mac just for the purpose of hosting a Blockheads server. I meant that Mac user/people already interested in getting Mac can host servers for “free”


An investment in an old Mac on eBay for 50 dollars to host a server for at least two years would be less than 70 Dollars for two years.


You’ve found a Mac computer in good condition on eBay for $50?


No, my example had a price that was a bit too low. I don’t see condition being much of a problem if you buy it only to host a server.


The lowest one I found was $100 for a 2008. And I don’t see why someone would invest $100 for just a hosting machine.


Yeah, and IMO mac servers are worse than reg ones, unless you want a little more private server, than mac servers are fine.


I agree with you, but the point I was making before is that one big purchase ends up being less than multiple smaller purchases over time. It doesn’t really matter though.

I’d also like to add, cloud worlds are the most convenient.


I can’t exactly ask for gift cards every single day…


On my next birthday, I get the majical thing known as the iCloud passkey

Twewy Iphone edition here I come!

((But most parents don’t give the passkey because they made the rule many years ago, back when the kid was cra-cra, and then the kid stopped caring, and never thought about asking for it
Mine did for a while))


Is a passkey a password?


Yes :smile:


Servers are going to cost what? $2 a month? $3 a month? You don’t have to ask for an iTunes card every day, just every 5 or 6 months. Maybe for Christmas and a birthday. Or make an agreement to do some sort of chore like yardwork or the dishes.