A change to server credit in 1.7


That makes sense Ronnie. I see why a parent would not like their young child to spend their own money freely as it can run out very quickly. A small child might not notice it or fully understand that when you buy something online it costs actual money. However, at a certain age children should learn how to spend money and what to buy or not. I don’t understand why someone would not let a 12+ year old to acquire and spend a little bit of money on things they want.


@UNIHORSE Well, I know at least one forums member who claims to be 12+ and repeatedly told on servers that they stole their dad‘s credit card to buy TC.
Parents might be worried about this stance😄
But there is more to this. It is a widespread approach that you should not pay real money for consumables in games. Coz they are, well … consumed … after a short period of time and you need more. No lasting value received.

I am not saying that the change to server credit is a bad thing. Quite on the contrary. But I am trying to explain why many kids simply can not pay for a server.


Well there goes my sever (the one I let die because of how bad it was)


I think some people should just start getting use to the fact that not everyone can or will be server owners anymore. Yes it is sad to see potential for servers go, but this is what is about to happen, and not much can be done about it. We should just get use to the fact that we will be players.


Consumables are different from paying for services. We must pay for our internet, our cable, our trash service, etc. Yes, once a month of service is up, we must pay again!

In BH, we can still use TC for the consumables like rushing a crafting project, or teleporting. It is only the service of renting server resources that will cost IAP. If we compare BH to Minecraft for just a moment…Minecraft has never had a way to run a server not on your own equipment without actual payment.I don’t think Minecraft PE has either. AND Minecraft charges money for the game itself. With Blockheads, at least kids didn’t have to pay for the game. And it’s not Pay-to-play, or even Pay-to-Win like other “free” games out there. The kids who don’t remember the pre-Cloud days have taken for granted the ability to pay for a server without getting out the old credit car or iTunes password.


I’m not entirely sure if I got this or not. But you can host Minecraft servers from your own devices for free. It’s just not very easy to do so.


Just to be clear: I was not specifically talking about the BHs. But explaining why parents might disable all IAPs on their kid‘s devices.

I do not get why it is so hard to accept that due to whatever reason many kids all over the world can not regularly spend money on this game. And again: I am just stating what I think is a fact. I am not saying this should lead to cancel the new server funding or anything.


I understand that @Ronnie. I get why parents might disable all IAPs. It’s very easy for a kid to get carried away and buy consumables or whatever without a second thought to the cost that it might be racking up. Heck, I get shocked when I see my wife’s Candy Crush purchases. But she has her vice and and I have mine :smiley:

I just wanted to clarify a difference between the consumables that disappear and you always need more (but don’t “cost” the game company one single cent to produce) versus a service which the game company is actually paying for on their side. I just looked at the Minecraft PE app and their Realms offering is similar. Except, they require an IAP of $3.99(USD) to host a server for you and TWO friends. Just TWO, not 16, not even 8. TWO. Or if you really need TEN friends online (but who has that many friends?) you can pay $7.99(USD) a month. That makes Blockheads seem like a bargain eh?

Maybe some kids could present that to their parents and show how much money they’ll save by running a Blockheads server versus a Minecraft PE one. :wink:

@KP7 yes, hosting your own Minecraft server is be very much like hosting your own BH server on a Mac. It avoids the cost on you by not having any cost for Dave.


In a perfect world parents would take the time to check out the game(s) their little kids play. Actually that is exactly why some of the regular adult BH players joined in the first place🙂
But tbh many parents might be frightened if they even knew their childs are chatting to strangers in games.


There is a way for kids to not freely purchase IAPS, if they don’t know the iCloud passcode on the device. I find that to be a better idea than turning them off completely.

I must agree on the relams part, it’s much more than Blockheads Cloud hosting will be. Plus, look at Blockserver’s old prices. 5 Dollars per month I think!


Very true.

Well I certainly don’t recall as many servers spewing vulgar images and profanity back when Blockserver.net was the host.


Exactly why I don’t spend money on IAPs


IAP is not nessesarely about consumables. For example there are BH IAPs for Double Time and HD texture. You pay once and keep them.


Another example is level packs for Minecraft: Story Mode. I definitely consider purchasing more permanent additions to games in IAP than I do consumables.


I guess I don’t like add-ons and purchasable consumables in general


Well i guess there goes 2.5 years of nothing, farewell oasis :frowning:


It’s sad that legit players will lose servers. There are tons of really good ones that will be lost. This just goes to show what damage a few pirated TC can do.


Exactly my point


There is still a lot of fun to be had on the wonderful servers that will be funded after the update. Don’t give up on Blockheads yet! Try some of the servers advertised here on the forums in the multiplayer section. Many of the server owners have already announced that they will continue to fund their servers after the update.


And many more that aren’t on forums!
Looking at it now, my favorite blockserver yolo admins gone wild wasn’t a forums server, and the owner still payed for it, so there’s plenty of servers that may pop out of nowhere :smile: