A change to server credit in 1.7


There is no official port, but there are methods of emulation.


I use koplayer, but it has many difficulties. theres no gyroscope and last time I checked the blockheads had stopped showing up in the google play store


Looks like it’s back


not the general google store, just the google store when youre on a koplayer. when I find the app details it claims the blockheads isn’t compatable with my device anymore even though it actually works fine. it crashes a lot but so does the steam app so it’s a question of the instability of the emulator not really a problem with the app


this is the app for I use for multiplayer for Minecraft

anyways back on topic… thanks because I’m getting a windows computer soon and I want to play the blockheads for it
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it was always there and my friend downloaded it a few days ago on google play because of me😆


Maybe we could watch ads for credit. 100 tc now is a day, and an ad gives you 20. That means that an ad gives you about 5 hours of credit. For marketing reasons, we’d change it to an ad gives you 4 hours of credit. This change will allow everyone to pay for server credit, and there won’t be tc issues.

1.7 World Credit will cause many people to leave Blockheads

I don’t know about that, an ad is only about 5 cents USD I think. (I know Dave has NZD)


Really? Then everything is too inexpensive.
It will work. A week is $1, meaning a day is about 20¢ (this adds also the whole marketing factor where you get advantages from buying in bulk.) 20 ÷ 4 = 5¢/6 hours, and with the marketing factor, an ad can be 4 hours, so it works fine.


I see advantages to this, very big advantages, but it’s also like a very good bo2 player, who is also broke, switching from ps3 to Xbox 360. The guy has to pay to play online, but since he isn’t the richest guy, he can’t. Therefore he’s stuck with either the bots or campaign. And people usually play for online anyways -edit- but I do like how you can join a lobby for free which is good


Wait, I’m confused will all the TC be gone by 1.7 or is it just that you can’t use TC to add server credit?


You just can’t use it to fund credit.


Will the owner portal change by credit?


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However, to answer your question, current worlds that are already paid with tc won’t be changed, you’ll have to pay for it with money after the credit runs out. So no, it won’t basically.


Does this mean that if u can’t pay, ur server will be shut down?


In the end of its credit, yes. It will have the previous time crystal credit, though.


Not shut down, but out of credit.


How to properly join a server that is advertised on your world!
Tell them they will join the world 3 months after the next update.

More script kiddies and hackers will join your world! Guess it may be a good idea to apply for ROP. [Suggestion for Others]


You can’t just sign up, but you can apply.