A change to server credit in 1.7


Yeah, uh in case you didn’t know you can host servers for free up to 5-8 players (depending on the device) using Xbox Live, just you can’t run it 24/7. Realms is only for premium players…

What if your country doesn’t sell gift cards… and you’re too young to get a bank account that u can use for paying?


Doing chores and getting paid by parents can be a method, but we’ve gone over this over a month ago already.


Well, you’re not going to be on your BH server 24/7, right?

The same goes for realms, then. If you’re too young, ask your parents. If your country doesn’t sell gift cards (:thinking:??), then you can’t have realms either.


some servers could only stay up for like 2 months or something.


That happens often with TC funded servers as well, though.


Calling for all whitelisted servers! Woop Woop!

Imagine the number of people who updated the game and just go onto FREE TC worlds when the glitch is patched, and the staff just bans them.


Sorry for this message, but I heard hackers finding a way to hack add credit world using their hacks. So Idk if that work I hope not, this is legit heard from the terrible server while joining in random server. If this wrong message you guys can pm me so I can change this message Thanks!


To anyone who is wondering hacking IAP’s is way different from cheating yourself a few in game crystals. We are talking about hacking into real payment systems which is most likely entirely illegal and will get you consequenses for sure. On top of that I don’t assume to find hackers good enough to even poke that system in a 2D pixel sandbox game. There is nothing to worry about.


Whitelisted servers are zetta dull. Wish it didn’t have to be this way, but it is

If you can’t pay real money to run a server, then find someone to run a mac server for you

Just be courteous, and don’t tell everyone you know who made the server, or the mac server hosters will have to turn down servers and just have a bad time


or make your own Mac worlds.


That remains to be seen Frater. I have played on some extremely fun and popular whitelisted servers. When you get enough players who all WANT to be on a particular server, the atmosphere is much less stressful and more fun then when you have to deal almost continually with players who only joined seemingly to stir up trouble.

Rabbithole used to run for months as a whitelisted server and was extremely popular. And my Skylands series was so popular that I had a public one and a whitelisted one, and the whitelist one was usually busier.


will you still be able to have passwords on your worlds?


There’s no reason that would change, yes.


well i wasnt sure because one of the main reasons for the change is so there are more people on fewer servers.


That will be an effect, but the change was made because of pirates getting time crystals illegally.




Ads and mining are free, but I see what you mean. Why caps lock though?


MY Caps lock got stuck. KEyboard is laggy aGain


Um no because very few people just pay for their tc.


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