A change to server credit in 1.7


Beta testing has already ended for Blockheads 1.7. You will also need to contribute to the community here on the forum to get a higher chance to be a beta tester.

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uh, thanks


I think that any Free TC server will be gone and the TC hacker is going to be banned (because of the credit)


Unfortunately, this won’t be the case. But hey! Atleast they’ll be gone!


I’m assuming the “worst” ones will just quit the game.




What he said


Tracking this would create a hackable value like TC, what could be done is ads instantly equalling credit e.g. 1 ad for 4 hours of credit. It would have to be four hours on that server meaning there’s no middle value. But then again, people would still be able to spam adverts and it would reduce the positive effect of the update.


Dave still gets money whether adverts are spammed or not

But I think the damaged caused by hacked cloud servers is easier to fix with full IAP, but I do like ads for credit


Is it possible to migrate a server into a single player game?


No, probably not in 1.7


@Bickie @Gaareth It is possible! Copy the world files over and open the blockheads app!


Server into single player? I think Bickie means cloud, which currently is not possible.


Ohh, not possible unless you get the world files.


Yep, which Dave isn’t currently sending to people.


Dave ought to let people migrate their world, it’s not just TC hackers that are losing out here, that should definitely be a thing



A quick idea that could help solve the issue of F2P people being unable to start servers up - maybe there could be a community run idea centre where these people can post their server ideas and monthly they are voted on, and the favourite one gets to have somebody start it up with 7 days credit.


What happens after the 7 days?


Then other people’s donations have to keep the server up. Which will happen if it’s a good server.