A change to server credit in 1.7


Ohh, not possible unless you get the world files.


Yep, which Dave isn’t currently sending to people.


Dave ought to let people migrate their world, it’s not just TC hackers that are losing out here, that should definitely be a thing



A quick idea that could help solve the issue of F2P people being unable to start servers up - maybe there could be a community run idea centre where these people can post their server ideas and monthly they are voted on, and the favourite one gets to have somebody start it up with 7 days credit.


What happens after the 7 days?


Then other people’s donations have to keep the server up. Which will happen if it’s a good server.


Maybe. You can’t guarantee someone will donate.


Yeah but someone will. If it’s a good server somebody will have the goodwill.


Then there should be no problem for everyone else who already owns servers. Make them good servers and they will stay open.


Yeah but what if people make new ideas post-1.7 and can’t create them?


Mac servers still exist, make said idea there.


how do u get it one mac?


And if you don’t have a Mac?


It’s on the App Store on Macs.


Thx bro


Make a virtual machine that actually is mac os high sierra


That violates Apple’s End User License Agreement (EULA) if you build the image yourself. If you download a pre made image, that’s illegal in most countries.


That’s odd… I’ve seen a few mac os dmgs floating around online and I’m pretty sure they’re not illegal.

Mavericks is on CNET, and I’m pretty sure CNET isn’t an illegal download site.


That one will not install in a Virtual Machine.