A change to server credit in 1.7


Well, I tried it on virtualbox and it didn’t work :tongue: There’s videos on how to do it, so I guess people could follow those if they want to install mac on a vm so that they can run a server.


Im a little worried about what will happen if all the servers run out of credit, if they do people would be forced to play alone, but im hoping that it wont turn out like that, but im just wondering what might happen?


Very unlikely, but a new server will automatically be created that has a week of credit.


Really? Interesting.


Well, Rabbithole while be infinitely funded by Milla…


Yes, as Porky said this is extremely unlikely. There are so many dedicated server owners out there, I can’t see this happening anytime soon.

Fun Fact: A new server will also be created /with one week’s free credit/ if every cloud server is maxed out (16 people in every running world)

@GoodGradesBoy do you mean Pixmilla? Or is Rabbithole funded by her? If so, never knew that!


Here what she said from the world thread of RABBITHOLE.


Interesting! Thanks :slight_smile:


Jeez. That’s lucky. I hope that I could also earn that some day…


That’ll take another good 5 years at most.


Nevermind. Well… at Least Ill hope it can flourish.


In exchange for that, give us something much bigger.


He has: FREE HD textures


We just got the biggest update ever? As said it was a necessary change.


We do got the bigggest update ever, with a lot of new stuff. AND free HD!
Even though I wasn’t too happy to find some of the changes they made, others are totaly awsome. (beside the suspecious-looking egg extractor)