A change to server credit in 1.7


Interesting! Thanks :slight_smile:


Jeez. That’s lucky. I hope that I could also earn that some day…


That’ll take another good 5 years at most.


Nevermind. Well… at Least Ill hope it can flourish.


In exchange for that, give us something much bigger.


He has: FREE HD textures


We just got the biggest update ever? As said it was a necessary change.


We do got the bigggest update ever, with a lot of new stuff. AND free HD!
Even though I wasn’t too happy to find some of the changes they made, others are totaly awsome. (beside the suspecious-looking egg extractor)


dave wuuuut but i saved 5000 tc to create a server world come on.
EDIT: free hd textures in exchange of something more worthwhile. :confused: :confused:
explains why i go to the same worlds when i random search one.
pls Dave just make the worlds tc not reel monah im no rich gamer

…but i like d textures :smiley: :smiley:



on d plus side tho,i like the new rainbow cake and pizza.
i did a rainboe party (by littering stacks of em on meditators)
and buoy were dey happy!
but the server worlds got more limited waaaa.

edit: do u play roblox @nothingwhatsoever
edit #2: ok thats nice of u but i dont own a mac i use mobile android.


To clarify, the change was done because of TC hackers.

Because over 90% of all servers were made with pirated TC, Dave wasn’t getting any good income, especially with those hefty cloud costs!

That’s why servers are paid, but it’s cheaper than Blockserver and TC! (200 TC = 0.99. Server before 1.7 = 700 TC)


ok thx i feel better now