A Christmas Suggestion For Blockheads

This will be cool if Blockheads adds a Xmas Jacket or a Santa Dress this will be cool right addition of pole items is a great idea for a surprise update for Blockheads maybe they can make a ability of this Santa dress that it can help like from scorpions or the wild bears not to attack the people.This will enjoyable if we get to see this for Christmas.I made my own dress look the following picture;


Let me know what you think about this.
how will it be if we see the stuff for Christmas?
Hope you like it,



I don’t think there should be more pole items, that would call for more poles.

I’m not sure about seasonal stuff on Blockheads, it’s a timeless game.


This would be cool. Maybe you could make it in a tailor’s bench though.

This will be so good we give presents to each other if this virtual dream comes true LOL!

We can still do that if we wanted to drop some nice items to friends, but not in full Santa gear.

What if it could be crafted from 2 North Pole hats of warmth? Portal chest needed!

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