A command to clear the ground?


Perhaps we could have a simple command to clear the ground.

Maybe something like /clean or /cn

Would help if someone decided to drop their stacks of stone everywhere or spam the baskets button somehow.

EDIT: Clear ground from dropped objects.


If we had /clear then it would be confusing because that clears chat


Maybe /clear chat and /clear item?


That implies they’re related commands. I would have /clear and /remove_drops or /clear_drops or something similar.


Yeah, that’s a good solution.


ohh imagine if it could highlight anything that was causing lag on the server?
(doubt it ever would)


How about /clean ?

Then we could have

/clean and /clear servers


I see how this would be a useful command in some situations and a real asset when there are naughty people who just dump trash everywhere with no patience to dispose of the items in a considerate way.

However, I’m not entirely onboard with this ability because I have dropped items momentarily many many times. (Ex removing a trade portal when my inventory is full or dropping lights temporarily while I’m embedding them into a build). In all these cases, if someone randomly removed these items while they were on the ground for about a minute I would be very upset. Another example where this command could be misused by bad players, when you are farming (maybe in an expert world) and actually depend on grabbing food that drops to the ground, a player could keep issuing this command and make efficient restocking of resources an impossible task.

Easier to make a no littering rule and ban strictly for that rule. People will soon realize that littering is not tolerated and you won’t have those issues again.


Or limit it to admins/mods


Yeah maybe. But it would only work if the staff gave a warning that they are about to do it and got a thumbs up from everyone on the server.

Seems like a lot of potential risk to remedy something that doesn’t happen that often. (At least on the servers I’ve played on).


Something like this should happen
(SERVER) username is clearing the ground of all dropped items in 60 seconds! If you have anything you want to pick up, do so now!
After 60 seconds, the ground is cleaned. Limit to admins and owners only.