A Community Guide to Mob Breeding

The following thread is a wiki on animal breeding, meaning even if I miss something, someone else can post them in the same post as me.

To begin off, for anyone who doesn’t know, 1.7 brings breeding to the blockheads. If you didn’t, well now you do know.
Because breeding is such a fun practice, many have put guides on how to do it.
Only problem is, there are a lot of threads, and even more discoveries daily, making it at times a tedious activity to find all the threads needed. So I have taken the job of doing it myself. The OT is simply things that apply to all animals, while the following are more in depth on each one for each animal. This is to avoid reaching the post limit. The threads will be divided between 3 classifications:
Hostile Mobs

Table of Contents:
unicorn (incomplete)
dropbear (to be made)
scorpion (to be made)
cave troll (to be made)

For the sake of giving the sources their respect, I will not be taking all info at this time. If someone else thinks that it is better that the info goes here instead of being one click away and taking away the hard work of these thread posters, be my guest


Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide
Animal Feedings
All Donkey Colors/Tiers and a Unicorn!
Dodokiin’s guide to Dodo breeding

Feel free to add any sources you use here

To begin off, each animal spawn in certain plants. You will need to obtain each before breeding
Most land animals do not spawn on a back wall. Current exception being a cave troll
Sea animals need a decent space and kelp, or they will die.

Once you have successfully gotten the food that spawns each animal, wait. I have found that most animals spawn during carrot harvest, which I believe is spring. Eventually said animal will spawn. Start feeding them specific foods, which for most is the food that spawned them, but there are exceptions.
You will find that the animal cannot intake much food. Worry not though, as this is intended. Wait for about a day to pass, in some cases earlier, in others later, and they should be ready to be fed again. The minimal amount of feeds is 3, for dodos.

After feeding enough you will find that the animal you fed will have a name. This is changeable by clicking on the animal, then their name in green. You will also find that you can ride them, and that so long as they are fed, they will never die.

At this point I would suggest using a feeder chest, which automatically feeds the animal so long as their desired food is inside. Feeder Chest: 1 Bucket, 1 Chest
I would also suggest for land animals putting them in a closure with a back wall, as to prevent other animals spawning.

Other Farming Items:
Cage: Used to transfer all animals except adult sharks and cave trolls
Gate: keeps animals in, except when you are riding them

I would like to ask for the first three post in this topic to be wiki-able, so if you are able to either create a wiki, or are willing to respect this request, I greatly appreciate it.



Types: 12 and 1 mutation
Feed Needed: 5-6
Spawning Food: Carrot
Feeding Food: Carrot
Other info: No back wall to spawn, jumps

Let’s start with the big one. Donkeys are a lovely, 12 step process to getting a unicorn, which sell for 1000 platinum until the stock market around them crashes due to inflation…
Other things aside, you want to start off with a small area for your donkeys in breeding, a place for them afterwards with an auto feeder, and a carrot farm, with or without a backwall. A huuuuge one too
Once you manage to get 2 gray donkeys, move them to an enclosure. Feed them as they begin to give offspring, black donkeys. Even if you get 2 black donkeys before they are both tame, keep taming them, just in case the previous donkeys die, so you don’t have to start all over. Once you get the two gray ones tame, ride them into that place you plan to put all the others, and focus on taming black donkeys. You will continue this process until you get all the donkeys, in the following order:

Gray, Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow. Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, White, and finally Rainbow (or Oil :wink:)


  1. Donkeys need carrots to spawn
  2. Make an area for them to breed, and a place to keep ones not breeding
  3. Feed until tamed no matter what, in case one dies
  4. Once both of a color are tamed, move them away from the breeding area
  5. Donkeys go: Gray, Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow. Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, White, and finally Rainbow


Types: Normal (double jump) Rainbow (fly) More Info Needed
Feed Needed: 5-6
Spawning Food: N/A, evolves from Rainbow Donkey
Feeding Food: Rainbow Cake
Other info: No back wall to spawn, double jump for normal/ fly for rainbow,drops 1~6 rainbow essence

Unicorns are the 1000 platinum hotshots that evolve from donkeys, and they’re worth the platinum. Feeding them cost 1 Rainbow Cake (1 Rainbow Essence, 1 Flour, 1 milk, 1 dodo egg, and 1 salt), or 1 platinum coin at the trade portal at times. You’ll want to follow the same strategy for horse breeding for these guys. They breed in the order as follow:
Gray, Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow. Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, White, and finally Rainbow

Note that unicorns that are not fed at all will starve to death before giving birth.


Types: 33
Feed Needed: 3
Spawning Food: Apple
Feeding Food: Apple
Other info: No back wall to spawn

Lovely… Lovely dodos. A heck of a job to tame if I say so, but with results worth the work. You’ll need a large farm to provide them with food, all the much, annoying food they require. But worry not! This guide will help you.
So you want to start out making a large apple farm, in a place with a back wall, and then a smaller one with. After a while you will see normal dodos appear. Grab their eggs, and move them to a closure where you can ensure their vitality. Once they have been tamed and produced 2 offspring either dump them into a place for other dodos or if you can afford it keep them in a separate area. Continue this in whichever way you prefer. The chart below, provided by someone who gave it to @GoodGradesBoy, will show you the possible breeding paths



Types: 1
Feed Needed: 6
Spawning Food: Wheat
Feeding Food: Wheat
Other info: No back wall

Yaks are the little gems in the new 1.7 update. Heck, half the crafting seems to require one of its drops. So even if you don’t use them for anything else, it is still nice to know how to get them. It is simple though, and it’s good that it is. Just feed them 6 times, and then you are done. Since it doesn’t need much complexity, just put them in one other room with an auto-feeder, and you’ll be done


It’s a wiki

Just a question about aple farming… you mention having a back wall? Having a back wall help your Apple tree to produce more apple instead of no back wall?

There has to be no back wall for dodos to spawn. :slight_smile:

More animals! Excuse me forgetting to do this yesterday


Types: 1
Feed Needed: 8
Spawning Food: Complicated. Sharks spawn in large areas full of kelp, unlike the previous
Feeding Food: Raw Fish
Other info: Requires Water, allows travel through water

Sharks were a highlight pre 1.7. And even if unicorns stole the limelight, unicorns stink at water travel. So having a shark is a good way to get the under the sea exploration. You’ll need to set up a area for fish to spawn, and then be killed for food. Once that is done you can wait for a shark to appear in your fish area, though unlikely if it is small, or you can just use a bucket. But once you do, it isn’t much more than feeding while trying not to get hit


Types: 1
Feed Needed: 2
Spawning Food: Area with water in kelp needed
Feeding Food: Kelp
Other info: No back wall to spawn, unridable

I don’t see much of a point in fish. They can’t be used for transportation. But if you want one you’ll need to set up a tank, not super large, but not a little hole either. It needs kelp in it, and the fish will spawn. Then you just need to feed them kelp twice, and you will have them tamed


See this

Only black one is left to collect

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I’m anxiously waiting an update on this thread, it’s great!
I noticed that some of my ‘gem’ dodos die and drop shards (but not from starvation), not sure why they die or if there’s any way to prevent it from happening.
I also noticed that if I place a feeder down, animals don’t seem to become tamed, you must remove the feeder and manually feed them until tamed, then place the feeder down.

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It’s from a beta testers.

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Did they fall from a certain height?

So as with the recent update, you can breed dodos that have a new element added to them, I was dodo breeding for over three hours and i only got as far as a gravel and amethyst dodo, im having the same problem with donkeys, which im trying to get rainbow/ unicorn, so if you know any tips about breeding please tell me, thanks for your time.

Edit: i also seperate the donkeys and dodos in seperate cages to match their type, but they always manage to spawn a normal dodo egg and completely destroy the types becuase then instead of stone/whatever you have these dirt and wood dodos running around, and when they hatch i seriously do not want to kill the babies.

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This thread will help you :slight_smile:

Tap me

A Community Guide to Mob Breeding

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey guys. After trying to find out as much as possible about the mobs, I found that there was no difference, only
1.) the die fast
2.) they hit you while you try to feed them

So if you want to know as in depth as possible, use the sources in the OT, but I didn’t want to repeat information 3 times with small adjustments

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Nope it was just a flat surface, 4 squares with a fence either side. It’s not happening anymore though.
I do have another issue though, sometimes I have dodos that fall through blocks onto the platform a few squares lower. Happened about 5 times.

I found that if an egg hatches in an area where I have a feeder, the dodo will mature but never becomes tame. It later dies and drops an item. I must tame it first, then place the feeder down, then it never dies on me.


do sharks still grow once tamed?

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I’m pretty sure they get bigger, tamed sharks never die (of old age).
By the time a shark is tamed it should be around the adult stage anyways.
Big sharks can’t be captured in a bucket, no sharks can be caged.

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Can tamed sharks grow infinitely,or was Dave’s note of limiting them to sensible size regarding that?

I’m not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but when I finally tamed a shark, I think it got smaller. It hasn’t changed size since. I wish I tamed it at the ocean, because you can’t put them in buckets or cages, it’s stuck in an 8x8 tank lol.

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