A cool down on buying stacks of items


Has anybody ever just come into your server and just bought like 500 stacks of wood? If not, you probably haven’t played in an actual server after 1.7.
The people who do this are easily dealt with, but the mess is not. It’s even worse than baskets, because you can put baskets inside of other baskets.
To combat this, I want to implement a system that limits the number of stacks of items you could buy. How this would work is that after you had bought let’s say, 6 stacks of any item within a certain time frame, then you would be put on cooldown mode. This would prevent you from buying for something like 30 seconds. This would greatly hinder those pesky spammers from cluttering up your spawn and also save you a bit of time in cleaning up. While they still can fill their entire inventory and just drop it, I think that just an inventory full isn’t enough to cause game crashing. I believe this would help severely reduce the number of trolls and improve overall multiplayer experience.


This is it, chief.

We need this


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Instead of six stacks, I’d perfer something of a limit of 12 to 20 which is 3 to 6 baskets full.


I agree with the part about grievers, but I feel like people that make big houses or pixel art would suffer from having to go back and forth or waiting at the portal. I still think it is a good idea tho.


I don’t like this idea and would rather have it be the same as it is now, if you have griefer problems just ban them and then fix the mess they created.


I’d like no cooldown on “Everything Free”, but other than that I like this suggestion!


Maybe let people edit it, I’ve bought like 8-9 stacks for a project and would rather not sit there for no reason.


Jarl ‘everything free’ is the thing that caused this suggestion. People can’t spam baskets now, so they spam wood and other garbage. It’s because they can buy 99 in half a second with that trade portal feature.