A few ideas of how controls for a blockheads for PC would work


I know these are probably supposed to have multiple threads but blockheads for PC isn’t really a planned thing right now or ever so I am just giving a few ideas of what the controls and stuff would be.

I think for if Dave ever decides that he wants to port blockheads to pc there should be some things I want to mention.

The first thing is the use of D-Pad.

You would control your blockhead with:

WASD or the arrow keys

Of course there will be a tap mode which you can use you’re mouse.

Then for breaking there would be a new option.

(Hold to break)

When you move you’re mouse up or down you will see a little thing much like tapping but you’re blockhead won’t be attracted to it.

But when you hold down it will turn red and will start to break. Do note when letting go it will cancel the action.

Then to place things you right/left click on the mouse and it will turn green meaning you are placing the item.

Of course this can be turned off and you can use Click to place/break

Then for the inventory you can click the buttons 1-7 to navigate through them.

To navigate the baskets you would use the < key and then press enter for the item you want to use. Of course like always it can be turned off.

Then maybe for riding things it would only utilize the D-Pad for reasons because on PC’s there really isn’t a tilt feature.

I hope you like these things. :slight_smile:


And if your pc had touchscreen monitor, you could use the screen :what:
Genius idea!


Red and green are attributes to let new players know if what they are doing is right or wrong when using tools. But the click-hold to break a block is fine. Though I would generally prefer just tapping and making multiple task squares.

Wonder if their is an easier way to open and or scroll through your inventory?


why not both? :o


Tbh if it was on pc. It should just be clicking with your mouse and using arrow Keyes for riding stuff


Maybe some letters for some of the actions you described? I play oxygen not included on my PC and the break block function is G. Also then it would allow more freedom for changing the controls in settings.


Yeah, exactly.


It better be free


I would think free to play on steam.