A few new themes to the music in blockheads


Maybe there should be a few new themes for the blockheads.

Then this theme

And then maybe this theme

And then the full version of this song

All these will play in game meaning you can enjoy them while you are playing :slight_smile:

I have them as videos so you can hear them clearly. :slight_smile:


oh boy.


I’m certain “In the Hall of the Mountain King” is the music for when you are on the scroll wheel. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: I just checked the credits, it is implemented into the game already. :slight_smile:


Not the full version, but yes.

I personally don’t want these added, especially the first.


I agree with Brother here.

A full version of Mountain King would be nice though, although I’m not sure it would for the game nicely.


Sneaky Adventure would be a great song for while exploring caves.


Good ideas but not very good :slight_smile:


These aren’t really calm pieces of music.


Imagine you died and you suddenly hear Monkeys spinning Monkeys…


I’m scarred forever mainly because of the MINECRAFT ADVENTURE ANIMATIONS, but I do like Sneaky Adventure. The Builder doesn’t sound too bad either. But I’m not a big fan of Monkeys Spinning Monkeys :joy: :monkey_face:


I definitely agree that the music needs more themes. Maybe there could be different themes per lets say; action. For instance as @TheBest1Ever mentioned the sneaky adventure sounds good for mining, while mining that theme or a sound track starts for the action mining.

Then let’s say you have placed around 50-100 blocks within 5 minutes, the builder song or a building sound track starts up.

Then I wouldn’t know how the loops would work. Just a thought.

Anyway I like the suggestion!


Monkeys spinning monkeys is like something you would hear in AFHV or something… not in a mobile game XD


I thought of roblox trolling when I heard those


Dave should add “Never gonna give you up” to the game so we get rickrolled every 10 minutes


Please no monkeys spinning monkeys. ://


Monkeys spinning monkeys just sounds so funny XD


puts down a block


First few days of your first blockhead crafting

‘ALL BY MYSELF. Don’t want to be ALL BY MYSELF’


The biggest concern when implementing content not your own into something like a game is potential copryright

Sorry to be a joykill, but depending on the license on the music, it may not be useable


I can compose music on piano. Maybe they might use that? Mostly classical, rock or pop